Wednesday, 31 October 2012

RS #1

I can remember saying something about Tumblr and all.

Here are some goodies ~winks~

First successfully posted gif ever!!!
I'm shipping him (Joo Sang Wook) over!!!!


The SMILE!!!!

T - Another Announcement!!!

LOL, the heading doesn't sound right to me. Every drama or movies I've reviewed, always seem to have the words AWESOME, GREAT...... in them and that's because I really enjoyed them.

I really don't think I have the time to write a review on a movie or drama that got me really angry or pissed and apart from that, if I did write a review, I did end up ridiculing the whole thing. So I thought up a new stuff, I would make a list of dramas and movies I've watched, from various entertainment industries, along with the ratings I think that befits them. With this new idea, I'm pretty sure you all can I have a rough idea of the drama or movie. If you have any question (Where you can watch it from, a review perhaps....) just leave moi (me) a comment and I would get back to you!!!

Keep locked on!!!!


IMW - Hello Stranger

Hello stranger is not a Hollywood movie, it's a Thai movie. HS was recommended to me by a Thai friend I just made ^^. I initially asked for Thai songs, but I got a Thai movie. This movie is really, really good.

Trailer time ---> 


Casts ---
Chunthawit Thanasewi - Dang (Thai: ด่าง)
Nuengthida Sophon - May (Thai: เมย์)
Warutaya Nilakhuha - Goi (Thai: ก้อย)
Directed by - Banjong Pisanthanakun
Written by - Chunthawit Thanasewi
Distributed by - GMM Tai Hub
Release date(s) -19 August 2010
Country - Thailand
Language - Thai

HS revolves around two Thais who travelled to Korea (Yay Korea!!!) lol. Different situations actually led them to travel to Korea alone..... This two people have different, really different preference. While one was in Korea to see the sets that were used in popular Korean dramas; the other was just in Korea. Anyway, both of them meet and due to some reasons they got stuck with each other.

With the title one would already know that's a romance story. But this has a very, very UNIQUE ending..... In case you're thinking of some kind of popular ending..... I did advise you to push that thought out of your head and mind and watch the movie instead.

Did I leave out anything else?? ~ponders~..... I don't think so.

The soundtrack is good. Two stuffs made HS a hightlight (maybe just to me). The first one is the soundtrack, there's a soundtrack that was used in HS and it's the same soundtrack that was used in Sao Chai Hi Tech (Sao Chai Hi tech lovers are you guys in the house??!!!).... Hearing that sound totally made my day. In case you wondering what's Sao Chai Hi tech ---- click here. And the second one is, Jui Warattaya!!!! She actually didn't hold any main role here, she was featured as a cameo. She also acted in Sao Chai Hi tech.

It's true HS has the normal and common romance storyline - girl meets boy or boy meets girl, but the end it's actually more realistic than most of these kind of movie. If you want to watch it, just type Hello Stranger on youtube!!!!

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Happy Sunday #7

How's the preparation for Halloween going?? ;) Hopefully not chaotic lol :p. 

Today's Happy Sunday might be quite short...... I have an exam on Tuesday, but I still have to post this, even if I don't post anything else (I'm quite responsible and reliable ~wriggles eyebrow~ LOL). Okay, back to the Halloween talk. I already had my own Halloween party last week, and it was quite awesome. I even had my face painted (just half of my face though). I have to confess, that was my first Halloween party....... this is quite embarrassing. I had no costume on, I just did up my face........ Everything was basically done on impulse..... I wasn't sure if I was going to attend the party or not....... so after much asking around and thinking and all....... few hours to the party I called up my friend....... and I went for the party.
That's my face hehehe!!!!
And I spent the night dancing, prancing around and taking pictures ~THE END~

I would have loved to recommend horror movies ~cringes~ and all, but too bad I'm not a fan. Yeah, I still know a couple.....hmmm.... SAW, MICHAEL MEYERS, I CAN STILL REMEMBER WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER...... oh there's SCREAM also...... Anyway hope you guys have fun!!!

I've been busy on Tumblr also..... I've had a Tumblr account for months, but I never knew it had all those hidden treasures. I will post some stuffs from there ^_^

But, before that....... Here are your weekly dosages
I was already about downloading this song, until I found out it was on my playlist already...... It's a new girl group and I really do like this song..... I guess it's because of the dance steps, well it just feels difference. Enjoy listening to it!!!

Have I left anything out??? ~thinking~ Oh cakes!!! Halloween cake to be precise.

Now to the Tumblr goodies and candies!!!

Okay, I know make up and photoshop is included..... BUT STILL???

I'm going to stop here for today :p. In between, wish me luck in my exam!!!!! Thanks.
Have an AWESOME week!!!

Sunday, 21 October 2012

T - Laboratory, Hell or Heaven??

I know....... I'm supposed to have posted this 3 weeks ago, but being the queen of procrastination, I've delayed it until now :p

Being in the Lab can be a lot of fun and it could also be hell...... I've experienced both sides, so I know exactly what I'm saying hehehe.

My first time working under strict conditions and all in a Lab was something like this

Lol, I was somewhat excited and on the other hand I was lost..... There's a particular scenario that happened to me and it looks exactly like the image above. My group members and I kept on tuning and fine tuning the microscope, but we couldn't see a THING, we were on that for close to 20 minutes it was so frustrating and all. The supervisor later came and he saw to it.

There are times that everything actually goes smoothly.... Most of the methods and expected results in the given script (that's what I'm given in my Uni before an experiment, so that we can have an idea of what we are suppose to be doing in the Lab), go accordingly and THEN being in the Lab can really be fun. There are some stuffs that also look like magic, for example, you have a transparent liquid in a transparent test-tube and then you add a solution to it and all of a sudden it just turns  deep red, or deep yellow precipitate or some other colours and everyone is like WOOOW!!! Some even take photographs....... That really can be coool!!!

Above are some rules I stumbled on on facebook, to tell you the truth these rules work like magic LOL!!!! Well I don't agree with  rules 3 and 4 hehehe, but the rest totally rocks. There was this time I was in the Chemistry Lab, we were to determine an unknown substance, but we tried, and we had narrowed the possibility of the unknown sample to 3 elements, but we needed just one, then a colleague of mine saw the original sample - the full name and all, but then she just let it out right in the presence of the supervisor, the supervisor was like ''how did you know that''?? I was just screaming CRISIS in my head. We had to apply rule no 10 and 11. Another rule I did like to add is, when choosing your group members, it's advisable and best to pick people you rap with on a daily basis, so that when you are stressed and frustrated, it won't really be that exhausting.

I find this really funny..... I'm not sure who will say No 10 as a pick up line hahaha.

As I've earlier said working in the Lab can really be stressful and all, but you just need to be prepared for it and also to enjoy what you're doing and don't forget those RULES also.

Have fun working in the LAB!!!!!

IMW - Wild Romance

Wild Romance is a Korean drama. It's filled with light comedy, romance and some disjointed suspense here and there, but overall, it's a good drama, you can pass the time with.

Take a peek at the trailer --

Additional details: 

Title: 난폭한 로맨스 / Nanpokhan Romance
Genre: Romantic, comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2012-Jan-04 to 2012-Feb-23
Original Soundtrack: Wild Romance OST

Wild Romance Correlation Chart
Lee Dong Wook as Park Moo Yul
Lee Si Young as Yoo Eun Jae
Kang Dong Ho as Kim Tae Han
Oh Man Suk as Jin Dong Soo
Hwang Sun Hee as Oh Soo Young
Im Joo Eun as Kim Dong Ah
Lee Won Jong as Yoo Young Kil
Jessica Jung as Kang Jong Hee
Lee Hee Joon as Ko Jae Hyo
Lee Han Wie

Production Credits ---
Director: Bae Kyung Soo
Screenwriter: Park Yun Sun

Synposis : 

Everything starts on the birthday of Eun Jae's dad. Eun Jae ran into Park Moo Yul, who is the 2nd baseman of 'Green Dreamers', when she is drunk. Eun Jae who is a fan of 'Blue Seagulls', starts a fight with Moo Yul who led the 'Green Dreamers' to victory. The next day, internet is on fire with the video called 'Humiliated Park Moo Yul'. Because of this video, career of both Moo Yul and Eun Jae, who recently got a job as a bodyguard, are in danger.
In the end, they decided to put on a show against the public! They lie that Eun Jae is Moo Yul's private bodyguard and the video was recorded when Eun Jae was giving a self-defence demonstration to Moo Yul. Like this, Eun Jae becomes real bodyguard of Moo Yul. It seemed like everything worked out just fine, but the problem is that they can't stand each other's existence..
(Credits -- DramaWiki)

Review ----

I finished Wild Romance last 2 weeks ~scratches head~ I can't really remember...... What drew my attention to WR was actually Lee Dong Wook (Park Mul Yeol). The story is nothing new - a star (baseball player) falls in love with a girl that helps (bodyguard)him, and a lot of stuffs happened in between. The only thing that probably looked different would be the suspense concept the directors, producers and script-writers added to WR.

The actors did a good job, they all portrayed their roles nicely - the delusional aunt, the faithful and loyal friend/husband, the die-hard seagull fans...... Park Mu Yeol looks like a trouble shooter on the outside, whereas he's just someone who likes playing baseball, and hanging around is hyung (Dong Su). Eun Jae is a die-hard fan for a rival baseball club of PMY and also a bodyguard. I don't mean a normal fan- her whole family were fans, he whole was decorated in different shades of blue (the colour for the Seagulls). An incident happened and both of them were thrown together to cover up the incident. I really liked the conceot of the PMY's manager, the guy is such a robot, but later we got to see that he has vein and arterioles running through him hehehe. 

Well, for those looking for a hot suspense story - don't bother at all, but if you want a light romance and titbits of suspense here and there, then give it a shot. The ending is really CUTE!!! lol And if you also want Lee Dong Wook you can also bless your eyes with this drama. The OSTs were also good.

Back to the suspense concept, I think I get the idea for the concept.... The directors didn't probably just want a romance story, but wanted to add a little twist. Which is okay, BUT they could have at least made sure the stories they were going to use for the suspense concept was going to harmonise with the romance story. The idea of the stalker was good, but what's with the painting issues?? Su Yeong's psychological problem?? What exactly was Seo Yeok's role?? Those stories didn't fit well at all.

Happy Sunday #6

Hello!!! Hallo!!! 안녕하세요!!! مرحبا!!!  こんにちは!!! bonjour!!! привет!!! สวัสดี!!! ¡hola!!! ciao!!!
LOL!!!! I just felt like doing this today!!! ~claps for google translate~

I found this song on my external disc, I know next to nothing about them, but this song is good. Enjoy!!!

How did last week go?? Hopefully it went well :) I'm not doing bad myself, everything is going quite smooth...... Weekend?? I met up with some friends again :DD which was pretty cool. I'm not a coffee person, but we all drank a Turkish coffee, ate Apfelstrudel (a German dessert) and apple crumble (which I think it's a British dessert)..... We basically went international, we topped it up by watching a movie. 

I don't think I will ever get tired of working on this blog, I never seem to be satisfied with the look, but I really do LIKE this new look. The fonts also match the Halloween season (well, to me it does :p)

This is about friends

Here's something random

And for Halloween that's around the corner 

It's actually a cake, I guess it should go round XDD

As always, I hope you guise have a great week and cool preparations for Halloween!!!!

This song is one of the soundtracks from A Cinderella Story.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Happy Sunday #5

Hello!!!! I worked on this blog again, there isn't much difference. I changed the dramas on my '' Currently watching'', after so many weeks. I also moved the Page section back to the top and I removed the Label gadget, there were too many stuffs on the side...... There are some other changes and the most evident one, which I know you would have noticed already is the songs playing in the background.

I watched a movie yesterday...... There's this sound track, it's really lovely. Enjoy listening to it..... Oh the background music, you can either pause it or listen to this song directly on youtube.

My week was really good, I ate some Mexican dishes, which were really delicious and I got to know some new foreign exchange students.


I find this really funny.... In between trying this isn't a good idea, you might not get the desired end result. :D

Here's another

I'm wishing y'all a wonderful week!!! 

This song is a soundtrack from a Lakorn I watched not long ago.

And cakes!!!!!

IMW - As One

Oh how I love As One!!!!! I got to also watch Ha Ji Won act XDD.

Take a peek at AO ---> 

Additional details --

Movie: As One (English title) / Korea (literal title)
Revised romanization: Korea
Hangul: 코리아
Director: Moon Hyun-Sung
Writer: Yoo Young-Ha, Kwon Sung-Hwi
Producer: Lee Soo-Nam, Kim Ji-Hoon, Lee Han-Seung, Byul Jong-Eun
Release Date: May 3, 2012
Runtime: 127 min.
Genre: Drama
Distributor: CJ E&M
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

Table tennis player Hyun Jung-Hwa (Ha Ji-Won) wins silver medals, but always comes up short in the gold medal matches against a rival Chinese table tennis player. One month prior to the 1991 World Table Tennis Championships in Chiba, Hyun Jung-Hwa hears that a single Korean table tennis will be formed from South and North Korea. The South Korean players and its coach oppose the idea. Despite the opposition, the united Korean table tennis team is formed.
Players from South and North Korea meet at a training camp in Chiba, Japan. They are forced to become one team, but from their practice routines, to how they talk and how they live all cause clashes. Top North Korean table tennis player Lee Boon-Hee (Bae Doo-Na) and Hyun Jung-Hwa enter a war of nerves. The World Table Tennis Championships is fast approaching, but the Korean team can't even get along. Finally, the 1991 World Table Tennis Championships begins.... (Credits -- AsianWiki)

Ha Ji-Won --- Hyun Jung-Hwa
Bae Doo-Na --- Lee Boon-Hee
Choi Yoon-Young --- Yeon-Jung
Han Ye-Ri --- Soon-Bok
Oh Jung-Se ---  Doo-Man
Park Cheol-Min --- Coach Lee  
Lee Jong-Suk --- Choi Kyung-Sub
 Kim Eung-Soo --- Jo Nam-Poong
Park Young-Seo --- Choo Il-Sung
Park Jung-Hak --- Commander Jang (North Korean)
Kim Jae-Hwa --- Chinese table tennis player
Cheon Woo-Hee --- Hyun Jung-Hwa's younger sister
Paul Stafford --- Matthew (UK announcer) (Credits -- AsianWiki)

As I've stated above I love this movie. I've been putting As One off for a while, because I knew I was going to cry rivers. True life stories are always touching to me, a producer really needs to come up with a funny true life story or something. 

I gave the story a 10, because it's a true life story, everything shown were real events and happenings......there would be additions or subtractions somewhere. During the whole time I was watching, I was glued to my screen, when they started chanting ''fighting'', I was chanting along. Even though I knew it wasn't a live match, but I couldn't just help it.

The cast are simply awesome, one of the main reasons I watched this, is because of Ha Ji Won. She's an awesome actress; I read she was receiving lessons from the real Hyun Jung Hwa, to be able to play as a professional and also to be able to get into role. I also love the dialect and the way they were speaking. The various casts portrayed their roles well!!!!

 I also like the development of friendship between both teams of each country, how they bonded and also the determination they showed - to stay united and win for their country, even though they know that they will have to depart at the end of the match.

This movie is WORTH it!!!! After watching As One, I really wish North Korea and South Korea find a way to unify permanently. A lot of people got and are still getting hurt through this separation. 

True, I shed tears while watching this, but initially my tears were that of anger...... why throw 2 rival teams together, make them practice and perform together just because of your own selfishness and just as soon as they are all getting close and all, you force them apart. It's really crueeel, disheartening....... jerks!!!

IMW - Bad Girls

Yellow!!! I watched BG yesternight and it's so funny, fluffy and light. It's Taiwanese movie, so I wasn't taken aback that much.

Take a peek at the trailer --->
Additional details 

Synopsis --
In the movie, Ella plays A-Dan, a high school girl, together with Da Yuan’s role as Pei Pei and Fang Zhi You’s role as Xiao Mi; the trio formed a group known as “Huai Nu Hai aka Bad Girls” to undertake chivalrous acts and stand up against bullies. The storyline has it that the trio’s school was used as a filming site, and one day A-Dan (Ella) accidentally chanced upon the filming and by a twist of fate, ended up as the female lead of the film. With the opportunity, she also got to discover a side to the popular idol, Justin (played by Mike He), which others do not know. Hence the 2 very mismatched individuals embarked on a journey to develop a story of their own, beyond that of the “film”.
(Credits --- MyDramaList)

Ella Chen - Ah Dan
Mike He - Justin
Wang Chris - Make-up artist

I know that just by looking at the cast for this movie, some people will be eager to watch it, like I was. I'm a fan of Ella Chen and I've heard of how good an actor Mike He is, but this is the first time I'm going to be seeing him act. I really like Ella Chen's hair here, it was a neck length, there was a hint of red and it was so full!!! Both  of them really did a good job in here. 

BG is a very light, cute and quick movie. Although it's included under the genre action, lol but that's no action. The action scenes has so much special effect to it and I found it really funny, because I haven't watched such a movie in a long time. How can you punch someone and the person flies into the space and lands on the moon?? lol, that's what the action scenes are like (not every action scene)

Ella Chen plays the role of a tomboy, she has a bubbly and cheerful character and of course she knows nothing about love. While Mike He plays the role of an idol, who is also an actor and quite lonely. Hence, we can guess most of the scenes. The romance scenes were cute, but predictable. There's also the baking concept, which I found interesting.

Actually, BG cracked up a lot...... it's so much fun to watch hahahaha. I think they over-did the special effects. If you are interested in a movie to pass time with, or something really cute and fluffy, then this is for you :).

Oh.... I almost forgot about this.... I never knew that there were edible flowers and they could also be used as ingredients to bake. The main soundtrack is upbeat and really nice.