Sunday, 21 October 2012

T - Laboratory, Hell or Heaven??

I know....... I'm supposed to have posted this 3 weeks ago, but being the queen of procrastination, I've delayed it until now :p

Being in the Lab can be a lot of fun and it could also be hell...... I've experienced both sides, so I know exactly what I'm saying hehehe.

My first time working under strict conditions and all in a Lab was something like this

Lol, I was somewhat excited and on the other hand I was lost..... There's a particular scenario that happened to me and it looks exactly like the image above. My group members and I kept on tuning and fine tuning the microscope, but we couldn't see a THING, we were on that for close to 20 minutes it was so frustrating and all. The supervisor later came and he saw to it.

There are times that everything actually goes smoothly.... Most of the methods and expected results in the given script (that's what I'm given in my Uni before an experiment, so that we can have an idea of what we are suppose to be doing in the Lab), go accordingly and THEN being in the Lab can really be fun. There are some stuffs that also look like magic, for example, you have a transparent liquid in a transparent test-tube and then you add a solution to it and all of a sudden it just turns  deep red, or deep yellow precipitate or some other colours and everyone is like WOOOW!!! Some even take photographs....... That really can be coool!!!

Above are some rules I stumbled on on facebook, to tell you the truth these rules work like magic LOL!!!! Well I don't agree with  rules 3 and 4 hehehe, but the rest totally rocks. There was this time I was in the Chemistry Lab, we were to determine an unknown substance, but we tried, and we had narrowed the possibility of the unknown sample to 3 elements, but we needed just one, then a colleague of mine saw the original sample - the full name and all, but then she just let it out right in the presence of the supervisor, the supervisor was like ''how did you know that''?? I was just screaming CRISIS in my head. We had to apply rule no 10 and 11. Another rule I did like to add is, when choosing your group members, it's advisable and best to pick people you rap with on a daily basis, so that when you are stressed and frustrated, it won't really be that exhausting.

I find this really funny..... I'm not sure who will say No 10 as a pick up line hahaha.

As I've earlier said working in the Lab can really be stressful and all, but you just need to be prepared for it and also to enjoy what you're doing and don't forget those RULES also.

Have fun working in the LAB!!!!!

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