Friday, 31 August 2012

T - Lakorns #2

I've been taking Lakorns seriously for a while and there are some ''stuffs'' about it, I don't quite buy. Well, I can't say I dislike them, but I just don't quite buy it...... but in the long run it pays off and gives one a new feeling/vibe while watching Lakorns and sometimes it really goes over-board.

For those of us who watch Lakorns, we can safely say the script writers always come up twisted antagonists - these antagonists also execute hideous and ridiculous plans just in other to get back at someone or take back what they think it's theirs or even take what isn't theirs. These antagonists are also wonderful manipulators, they can single-handily manipulate every other cast. It's good to make the antagonist look really evil and all, but at times, it goes overboard and I begin to wonder if what's going on can really, really happen.

The other stereotype I don't in any way buy, is how most of the lead actresses are always portrayed...... They portray them as weaklings, slow-witted, too naive, between being foolish, stupid and nice, can easily forgive - no matter how huge and ridiculous the situation is, they understand every situation. To sum it up, the lead actresses behave and look pretty dumb. 

The logo of a slap-kiss Lakorn is rape scenes...... seriously??!! I don't know how they got this kind of idea, but there's always (not really always) a rape scene. I can safely say, out of the Lakorns have watched, there are only 2 dramas that don't have a rape or nearly rape scene. Rape scenes are like trademarks for a slap-kiss Thai-drama.

Among the other stuffs is pairing up a certain actor with a certain actress - Aff and Aum, Ken and Ann, Yaya and Nadech, these are the most common pairing in the Thai entertainment industry. Although, I've been made to understand that this is how the movie/drama industry works in Thailand. I call it Fan-service --- Don't get me wrong, these pairings are really good and wonderful, because these couples have amazing chemistry.

I'm also a newbie in Lakorns, but these are my views so far..... If you've noticed anything since you've been watching Lakorns. You can as well make it known by commenting.

What's funny the most is, despite what I've noticed so far, Lakorns are still worth watching and there are some that just suck you in 15 mins into watching it.

Friday, 24 August 2012

IMW - Jam Leuy Ruk

   I just completed Jam Leuy Ruk..... and I really liked it..... but there were some loopholes :(. Generally, it's a good Lakorn (a Thai-drama). 

Firstly, take a peek at the trailer ----

Actually, there are up to 3 teasers for this Lakorn and that above is the third teaser...

Title: Jam Leuy Ruk (จำเลยรัก, Jam Loey Rak, Jam Luy Rak, Jum Lei Ruk, Jum Lerei Ruk, Chamloey Rak)
Also known as: Defendant of Love, Prisoner of Love, Khmer titles: Nek Toas Sneayha, Chleuy Sneayha
Duration: Episodes 1 to 14
Genre: Revenge/Romance/Drama
Popularity: Top Rated
Broadcast network: Channel 3
Broadcast period: January 1, 2008 - February 18, 2008
Theme song: "Jam Leuy Ruk" (Defendant of Love) Worakarn Rojjanawat (Punch)
Ending song: "Rak Khun Kao Eek Laew" (Love You Again) Pod Moderndog

Production Credits----
Producer: Yodsinee Na Nakorn
Director: Krit Sukramongkon
Author: Choowong Chayajinda
Screenwriter: "Pimbongkotch"
Company Name: Maker Y Co.,Ltd.

Aum Atichart Chumnanon as Harit Rangsimunt
Taksaorn Paksukcharoen (Aff) as Soraya Napapong (So)
Joy Rinlanee Sripen as Sansanee Supaaat (San)
Chai Chatayodom Hiranyatithi as Tawatchai (Wat)
Kongkrapan Saengsuriya (Noom) as Bai
Sukontawa Kerdnimit (Mai) as Boontai
Rungruang Anantaya (Hack) as Harin Rangsimunt
Ryan Jett as Nukul
Supranee Jayrinpon as Sa-ang Napapong
Dada Suchada Chekley as Young Soraya
X Jatrong as Gawin

(Credits --- Asianfuse)

I started this after searching aimlessly for a Lakorn to watch, and God sent Wishboniko my way... and DANG!!!! I found JLR. In between, the title has so many variations. If you look up, where I wrote title, you will see some of the variations. That way, you shouldn't get confused. 

I've heard so many good views about Aff, who is the N'ek (lead female character), I decided to experience it myself. Without giving out much spoilers I will begin the review.

JLY is about a older brother (Narit) avenging his younger brother's death and there's a female who can do everything to protect her cousin. This older brother and the female (N'ek - So) crossed paths and that's where the story begins. Why does Narit want to avenge his brother's death?? What is So protecting her cousin from?? Was the revenge successful?? What happened during the ''revenging and protecting mode''?? If I answer any of the questions I might end up spoiling the Lakorn for those who are interested in watching it.

My views---
I really enjoyed the Lakorn, the whole revenge and protection plot. So's is the loving, forever grateful, innocent, good-willed girl; who will go any length to protect the one she loves. Narit is the over-protective older brother, you don't want to get on his nerves. San is the spoilt princess, the one who has the mentality of getting whatever and whoever she wants, and she can go whatever lengths to achieve it, in other words she's selfish, and the extended casts didn't do a bad job either.

The chemistry was AWESOME!!!! The acting of the cast was  great, there wasn't any form of over-acting, and one could feel exactly what was going on. In other words, it's quite easy to put yourself in the character's shoes. The only loophole I sensed is, I didn't feel the real culprit getting the right punishment. OOOOO don't get me wrong, the real culprit got punished, but I wanted MORE!!!!. 

While I was watching JLR, I so wanted to jump into my laptop and slap the hell out of some characters.... I really had a roller-coaster emotion. I also watched it with my siblings.

For those interested in watching JLR..... I present to you this site... Watch it at Wishboniko... have fun!!! But please don't hurl your laptop or PC at the wall :p 

P.S --- 
Don't get me wrong, but there were some controversial issue here. I highly appreciate it when some is grateful, plus, is basic manners for someone to be grateful, but what do there's a difference between being grateful and blindly grateful. In the sense that, one hurts oneself in the process of showing one's appreciation. Moreover, this other person is practically demanding for the appreciation and doesn't care how you go about showing. It's more like blackmailing someone...... arrrghhh.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

RS --- Matsuda Shota

At long last ~giggling~ I've wanted to spazz Matsuda Shota .... I can believe that I'm doing it at the moment. The first time, I came in contact with him .... yeah you read right, when I came in contact with him; it was when I was watching the famous Liar Game. I was head over heels.... his acting was simply wonderful, it was an all-kill in every way.

I bolted straight to check is profile on wiki.... Not only his he a sexy hot Japanese actor, but he his half-Korean...... that little fact really nailed it. He can also speak in English. As in not just speak some few words like ''hello'', ''it's okay'', ''I'm fine'' or what have you..... He can speak fluently. I know it might not be a big deal to some other people, but to me IT IS. Just imagine a sexy hot-looking Japanese actor speaking fluently in English...Jeez ~fangirling~

Okay enough with the fangirling...... After I watched Liar Game, I moved on to watch other drama, where he had lead roles (I don't like it when he plays supporting roles) - Don Quixote, Love Shuffle.. He doesn't just stick to particular role, he can be funny, stucked-up, arrogant, down-to-earth, badass, romantic... Just name it.

It's time to spazz HIM.....

Oh before that, here's a vid of him (a random vid of him). It's the behind the scenes of Hana Yori Dango

These are other clips of him..



On to the pictures ~squeals~

These are some of his dramas, in case you want to see him in action ~swoons~

Don Quixote
All of Liar Games series
Love Shuffle
Jotei; there are actually more dramas ... The widely known Hana Yori Dango is also a good J-drama, although he landed a supporting role, but it's still good. Well, two of my fav J-actors starred in HYD.


T - It's been a while......

        I've been a little busy since last week. I landed a job and it's taking most of my time in the mornings and early afternoons and when I get back home I'm really tired, plus, I have stuffs to do at home also :(. Anyway, I just finished watching a Lakorn today (actually, in the early hours of today). The Lakorn is titled Jam Leuy Rak...... There's something weird about the title of this Lakorn, once you google JLR, you either see Jam Leuy Rak, Jam Luey Rok and some other strange variations...... But I think the correct one is Jam Leuy Rak.

      The deal is, I really hope I'll be able to write a review about it soon; a really comprehensive review without spoilers. I'm off to work later in the day, but I'm free on Thursday. I guess I should have gotten myself together by then.

P.S --- Feel free to comment :)

Auf Deutsch---

     Ach so!!! Dies ist eine kurze Version der englischen Post oben. Ich habe ein (eine --- ich weiß es nicht welche passt :p) Lakorn gerade fertig geschaut, aber ich bin müde eine Bewertung gleich zu schreiben, weil ich in der Früh aufstehen muss und in meine Arbeit gehen. Aber ich habe frei am Donnerstag. Wenn alles gut geht, sollte ich eine Bewertung oder Kritik darüber schreiben.

Ach so!!! Bis später :)

Friday, 17 August 2012

RS - Lakorns #1

           For those who are wondering what Lakorns are, Lakorns to put in simple terms are Thai dramas i.e dramas from Thailand. It's been quite difficult for me to find Lakorns for a while. Firstly, copyright seems to be a whole lot of issue on youtube. So, most of the youtube acc are either blocked or removed....but luckily, a friend of mine gave me some lists of sites, where I can download or watch Lakorns, there is a youtube channel I know of. To cut the long story short, I want to be of help to those of you, who are in same fix as I was

       To all Lakorn lovers or those that want to try out something Thai-ish --- look up these sites;

Kudaranai's Lakorns
Sweet Kob

I will also add some sites, where you can catch up on your favourite Lakorn celebs/stars;

Lyn's Lakorn Blog

Next on the list are my favourite Lakorn celebs...

                                                   Amy Amika Klinprathum                            

Warattaya Nikuha (Jui)

        Tik Jesdaporn Pholdee                             Weir Sukollawat Kanarot

Aom Akkaphan Namart    

Cherry Khemapsorn Sirisukha  

RS - Polls!!!!!

   Hi!!!!! I sorta created a poll, you can see it on the right-hand side below the slide show. This is the deal, hmm vote, then leave your comments in this post. :D 

If I'm gonna pick a language it's gonna be Korean. Why?? Hmmm, because right now, this moment....... I'm interested in everything Korean - food, culture, tradition, dressing, entertainment industry.... I think I might just buy a ticket and fly there, but I need to save enough money first. :D

Thursday, 16 August 2012

IMW - Romantic Princess

Trailer ---> 

Once again, I couldn't find any trailer for Romantic Princess..... I guess we will have to make do with stills from RP. 

I downloaded RP some weeks ago, after that I decided to watch it. I wrote a little about RP on Taiwanese dramas. I've read the synopsis over and over again, I've practically lost count. 

Synopsis ----
      Adopted by middle classed parents, Xiao Mai has always had a dream to be an heiress. Who knew that one day this dream would come true. Xiao Mai's biological grandfather is the head of a prestigous aristocratic family and after many years of searching, he finally finds his long lost granddaughter. As she starts her life as an heiress, everyday is filled with excitement, however, everything seems a bit different from what she had imagined them to be. ---- Mydramalist----

       So unto the review. I finally finished watching RP this evening. Plus, it's best I write the review now.... if not it will take weeks.

      The acting is nothing spectacular, is simply cute and funny. The strong point of RP is the romance. The romance is really cute, that you would wish to have such a romance ---- I'm still a little dreamy about the romance between Angela Chang and Wu Zhun. Some characters were well developed.

      The OSTs were great also... After I finish writing this review, I'm off to download the OSTs. It's worth it. The only issue I have with RP is the ending, the ending wasn't satisfactory enough, some few mins should have done the trick. 

       In other words, it's a drama coupled with comedy, comical acting and romance and you will surely have a good laugh, that I'm 100% sure of.


RS - Rainy Day

            The weather isn't really that favourable here today, but every one of my sisters is head over heels in love with Taylor Swift.... I really can't say how that happened, but I guess it's gonna take a while before that wears off.

With all these small talk .---- I will throw in some couple of Taylor Swift's songs. Most of them will be from her album - ''Speak Now''

Enjoy listening to her songs irrespective of how the weather at your place is......
                                              1. Story of Us

2. Better Than Revenge

3. Sparks Fly


4. Innocent


5. Dear John


6.  Back to December


7. Wanted


IMW - Switch Girl

Trailer---->  Just great!!! I went searching for the teaser online.... Guess what I found ''the uploader has not made this video available in your country''.....seriously!!! Hmmm.....but not to worry there should be some pictures :)

Before I write the review..... Just a brief story about SG----- SG was originally a manga, and it sold so well.... therefore getting it's way on to the big screen.. :)


I was supposed to have written a review about these yesterday, but I was in my laziness and procrastination mode...... thereby operation review Switch Girl failed.

I completed Switch Girl 2 days ago and it wasn't disappointing at all. When I first read the synopsis, I was already interested in it and then the no of episodes to be aired was 9. A friend of mine watching SG told me, there were only 8 eps and that got me a little confused..... From then on, I wasn't sure if SG was worth watching. Plus, I'm really particular about the ending of dramas.

That aside, the story itself, is really funny, a high school girl, who has an on/off switch mode. One minute she is prim and proper; in another minute she's a ball of mess.... In between all these personality changes all of stuffs happen, that will really make you laugh till you drop --- I actually laughed till I dropped hehehe.

As for the music, it's okay, but there's this particular that was sung towards the end. THAT one was the real deal.

Generally, SG is worth watching.

Pics ---

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

T - Taiwanese dramas

          I'm in the middle of watching a Taiwanese drama titled Romantic Princess (when I'm done, I would try to write a review on it). Before I started watching RP, most reviews and comments on RP weren't encouraging at all, because of all the negative comments and reviews it took me ages before making my decision. Anyway, I took a gamble and placed my trust on the few positive comments I've read, so far so good, it's really interesting and funny.

         Okay, where I'm I heading to; for those that watch Taiwanese dramas, they are already accustomed to the over-acting, unnecessary special effects and some really overbearing emotions and situations - At times, I wonder if I'm watching an anime in human form instead of animations. But in between all these, the dramas can really be interesting and sensible. Well, SOME and not all of them. Another thing with TW-dramas is, they tend to drag at the beginning, but if one endures till the 5th or 6th ep, all of a sudden the drama hits it's climax and one is hooked ~ that's from experience~

         Some peeps I know don't even bother watching TW-dramas, they feel they lack plots and are unrealistic, which can be true in some cases, but not true in other cases. I can't say I've watched a lot of TW-dramas myself, but the ones I've watched are one of the best --- I'm 100% sure about that. 

        The first TW- drama I watched was Fated To Love You. I wanted to try something neither Japanese nor Korean and FTLY crossed my part or was it the other way round?? Anyway, I came across FTLY, the reviews, comments and stats were okay, so, I gave it a shot. After the first 5 ep, I was like WTH!!! Why is this drama super draggy, I had to place it hold, I could have dropped it, but I don't like dropping dramas (don't get me wrong - once a drama isn't really worth, there's no way I did continue with it). After some weeks (months would be better), I went back to it, I wanted to give it another try.... And after the the 7th ep, there was a huge different, I was really hooked to it. FTLY is a really good drama, but TW-dramas knows how to try ones patience.

       If you're interested in watching a TW-drama or the ones you've seen are nothing to write home about, you could give the following a shot:

    Fated to Love You --- 10/10

    Down With Love ---- 10/10

    In Time With You ---- 9/10

There are some TW-dramas that stars Korean actors - My Lucky Star and Fondant Garden. I've started watching them both, but I'm not yet done. 

   If there's any other thing, I won't fail to point it out......

Monday, 13 August 2012

RS - George Clooney

 I'm in the mood for some eye candies...... So I've decided to begin with one of my fave actors in Hollywood. In the person of GEORGE CLOONEY!!!

I would have really love to input his data also, but there's no need for that, since, google can do a better job.

More is yet to come....