Sunday, 31 March 2013

Happy Sunday #25

HAPPY EASTER everyone!!!! ........ And there's another news

Yup, you read it right!!! Today is also MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!  

Image For The Week

Saying For The Week

“Words, once it has left your mouth, it cannot be uncalled. It cannot be nullified. People don’t understand how strongly they’re tied down because of it. But they continue to use that lock. Words are something living and sometimes, it can even tie down a person’s life.”

What have I been up to?? ...... I've been a little overwhelmed recently - challenges, deadlines, school and all. So, I revised my plans again. So...... conclusion.... I will stick with K-dramas for a while, after I'm done watching Hungry (J-drama). Hence, I will be able to working on my genre challenge (The genre challenge is only for K-dramas). 

Now to my b'day. This was how I spent the early hours of my b'day lol!!!

I got a whole lot of messages and I got gifts from my family!!!! I'm very grateful and happy!!!!!

Song For The Week
I watched HOP on Friday and I really liked the theme song

Eye-candy For The Week
I have a new crush..... ehmmm not really a crush.... I'm a fangirl actually. They are so CUTE!!! But Bill has a lot of history with POOP hair. Something has to be done concerning his hair styles, it's not like Tom doesn't have his own history, but it's less worse compared to Bills'. Bill is the one in blonde, while Tom is the on ein black. They are twins and  have a band Tokio Hotel.
Bill Kaulitz
Tom Kaulitz
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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

RS - Ariel Lin

Name: 林依晨 / Lin Yi Chen (Lam Yi San)/ Ariel Lin
DOB:  29 October 1982 
POB: Taipei, Taiwan
Profession: Actress, Singer (Mandopop)
Height: 160cm
Weight: 43kg
Star sign: Scorpio
Chinese zodiac: Dog
Blood type: A

2003 - Kung Fu Girls [空手道少女組]
2003 - Love Me, If You Can [飛躍情海]
2004 - Free as Love [浮生若夢]
2011 - Love Sick [戀愛恐慌症]

True Love 18 [十八歲的約定] - 2002
Purple Corner [紫色角落] - 2002
Seventh Grade [七年級生] - 2003
My Secret Garden [我的秘密花園] - 2003
Friends [名揚四海] - 2003
Love Contract [愛情合約] - 2004
My Secret Garden II [我的秘密花園2] - 2004
It Started With a Kiss [惡作劇之吻] - 2005
Tokyo Juliet [東方茱麗葉] - 2006
The Little Fairy [天外飛仙] - 2006
They Kiss Again [惡作劇2吻] - 2007
Love or Bread [我的億萬麵包] - 2008
The Legend of the Condor Heroes [射雕英雄傳] - 2008
In Time with You [我可能不會愛你] - 2011

Adventure Of Lunia [路尼亞戰記] - 2007
Blissful Encounter [幸福遇見] - 2009, Avex Taiwan
A Wonderful Journey [美好的旅行] - 2010, Avex Taiwan

"孤單北半球" Lonely Northern Hemisphere, Love Contract ending theme song - 2004
"歸途" The Way Home, April Snow original soundtrack - 2005
"非你莫屬" It Had to Be You, Tokyo Juliet Original Soundtrack ending theme song - 2006
"你" You, They Kiss Again ending theme song - 2007
"路尼亞戰記主題曲" Theme from Lunia - 2007
"麵包的滋味" The Taste of Bread, Love or Bread ending theme song - 2008

Ariel Lin's New York Bagel Diary (林依晨的紐約貝果日記 /Lín Yīchén de Niǔ Yuē bèiguǒ rìjì) - March 2008
Ariel's Blog (林家女孩依晨的青春部落格/ Lín jiā nǚhái Yīchén de qīngchūn bùluògé) - 2005
Ariel's A wonderful Journey" (美好的旅行) - August 2010

Ariel Lin is a wonderful actress. I first saw her in Lovesick a movie along side Bolin Chen. Well, the movie was so so, then I watched In Time With You and that one really NAILED it. Although, she's pretty I think she still needs more flesh lol!!! Nevertheless she's still adorable!!!!


Still updating.........

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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Happy Sunday #24

Hello!!!! How has *last week been?? been........ Nothing much happened in mine. My life was revolving around school, gifs and working on my various challenges.

Image for the Week
This cracked me up lol!!!

Saying for the Week

As I stated above, nothing much happened. I watched something Bollywood (titled, Muhjse Fraandship Karage) and it was quite entertaining. The story wasn't great, but the characters are so funny and all. I have been possessed by gifs this past week lol!!! A friend of mine created a Tumblr account and she gifs what we (friends) want. In case you have any request or you want to check out her acc ----> here. Talking about my challenges, I've started reading 2 books and a manga - Cool Shade by Theresa Weir, Chasing Fire by Nora Robert and Special A. I plan on marathoning some dramas this week, let's see how that goes. By the way, Bleach has gotten really interesting and addicting hehehe and there's xxxHolic also!!! I've been craving some more Bollywood stuffs, so there's a possibility of me watching 2 Bollywood movies this week also.

Song for the Week
I was in church today and I really liked this hymn - Now The Green Blade Rises. I think this is a better version than the ones I've listened to on YT. Enjoy!!!

Eye Candy for the Week
I'm watching Hungry atm, a Dorama. Here are the main leads - Osamu Mukai and Takimoto Miori respectively.

Have a HAPPY PALM SUNDAY and an AWESOME Holy Week ahead!!!!

*I made a mistake, but I've corrected it already.
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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Happy Sunday #23

Hello everyone!!!! This is the second time I'm posting a hello gif in other languages (It's not like it's significant lol). How was your week?? Mine was really good. I was able to do some marathon and also catch up on one of my favourite variety show. I also had a longer weekend, that also helped me organise the weekend better. I also went out with a friend, which was good - we went strolling, ate kebab and even dared to take ice-cream. It was FUN!!!!

Image for the week

I saw this on a page I liked (subscribed to) and I thought I should share it. My favourite colours are red, grey, purple and brown. They somehow summarize my character.....

Saying for the week

As I've written above, I had a successful weekend, because I kind of did almost everything on my to-do-list. I marathoned an anime (Samurai Champloo) and a J-drama (Saba Doru). I'm really happy I got around to finishing SC after months of placing it on hold. I've started a new Lakorn titled Sapai Glai Peun Tiang. This Lakorn is hella funny and interesting!!! Chakrit and Ken sort of look alike..... I have also finally updated A - Z Drama (All of Gokusen series, Saba Doru, Queen In Hyun's Man, Sood Sanae Ha, ToGetHer and My Name is Kim Sam Soon), A - Z Movie (Rurounin Kenshin, The Man Inside, Thunderball and You Only Live Twice) and I've added The Romantic and the Idol season 2 to Variety shows. For those who thought I had forgotten about the 007 challenge, I haven't at all. I've watched 2 already and I should watch the third one later today. You can check the footer to see which ones I recently watched ^_^. There seems to be a lot today.

Song for the week
This is one of the songs I've been listening to non-stop for a while now. I like the rock feel to it and the lyrics are also good!!! Enjoy it!!!!

Eye candy for the week
This guy here is from the TW-drama, I'm watching atm titled Corner With Love. He's the male lead, presenting to you Show Luo!!!!

Wishing you a WONDERFUL week!!! 
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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Happy Sunday #22

Okay...... the above gif is supposed to be a hello gif, but I don't think it's passing that message across. That's actually a member of Berryz, a Japanese girl group I believe. Anyway, Hello everyone!!! How was your week?? My week was actually less stressful than I thought. I've finished another drama (ToGetHer), I had to marathon the last few episodes between yesterday and today. I will talk more about that later.....

Image for the week
*nods head in confirmation* This printer is definitely drunk.

Saying for the week

True, I finished watching ToGetHer less than an hour ago. It's actually a wonderful drama..... I know I haven't put up a review of any of the dramas I've completed, I'm totally working towards that. During the week, the following posts - Angelina JolieErika TodaKorean Vocabulary 1 and Potato Pancakes made their way to this blog, if you haven't seen them yet, do look them up. ^_^ . I should also update the directory (A-Zs) this week.

Song for the week
I turned the whole ''insert a video'' search upside, but I couldn't still find this vid. At the end of it all I decided to upload it instead. This song has been stuck in my head for a while. Hope you enjoy it!!!

Eye Candy for the week
Here is the lead actor of the drama (ToGetHer) I just completed. He's Jiro Wang!!!!!! 

I have no idea what this week has for me, but I'm looking forward it!!!! Have an awesome week people!!!!

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