Sunday, 25 September 2011

IMW -Liar Game

      Liar Game is not only fantastic but awesome (they don't mean the same thing right?). Liar Game is a Japanese drama. As the name implies is a game based on lying. I actually watched this drama because of it's title. I have also read it's manga synopsis (it an adaptation from the manga) months ago. Okay, enough with the history.
      Liar Game is a drama filled with mind reading, thinking far ahead of others, being smart, lying, deceit, trust.... to make the list short. It's filled with psychology and how good you can manipulate and trick people. Liar Game is divided into 3 parts (It has 2 seasons and a movie titled The final stage). The first season has 11 episodes, the second 9 episodes and the movie. For me this is one of the best Japanese dramas I have watched. 
       Storyline -  The drama is about a stupidly honest girl (Nao) (as in she damn too honest for her own good, plus she trust people without any doubt). She got caught up in this liar game, due to her inability to play the game right she seeked the help of a guy called Akiyama Shin'chi. Things got pretty interesting as they try to survive through the game, by manipulating their opponents and saving every participants from falling into debt. They had to try to gain their opponent's trust because that's Nao's motto.
       Plot- The plot was basically playing various games, that includes deceiving, manipulating and the other stuffs. Among the games were, Russian Roulette, 17 Joker, Contraband, Gold rush.......
     Acting -  The naive and trusting girl was played by Erika Toda - she is really a good actress, she portrayed what it means to be naive, stupid if not dumb and also innocently stubborn. Akiyama-san was played by Matsuda Shota, he was just too smart and he really had the aura (I don't think anyone could have done a better job). There's the ever- betraying and weirdly dressed Fukunaga. Every actor really did a good job. They also had ridiculous way of laughing that would make you want to burst out into laughter just by hearing it.
        Music - The music and beats was just too perfect (I'm not exaggerating, honestly). The music has a way of making one's heartbeat race. 
I really didn't see anything wrong with the drama all in all. The drama was okay and I really enjoyed. The drama also made me love Matsuda Shota and I have also taken a liking to Erika Toda also.
I love this drama beacuse of the music and I also learnt a couple of things. We can all work together as one; to gain people's trust one must be a person of his/her words; there are ways of gaining people's trust (that sounds tricky right?); the world can be a better place if those that keep doing good keep up with it, not only keep up with it but believe in it; because when one does that, others will also believe in you and in it. I also love Matsuda Shota and Erika Toda (I almost forgot and Fukunaga also).
     I sincerely hope you enjoy Liar Game!!!! 


IMW- Down With Love

         Down With Love is a Taiwan drama and I must confess that it's among one of the best Taiwan dramas I have watched plus one of the best that has been produced so far. It features 2 wonderful leads Ella Chen and Jerry Yan, and some couple of really good actors.
The storyline is really nothing new - a boss falling in love with a nanny he hired. The amazing thing with the plot is the twist. I will try to summarize without giving spoilers lol. A boss who already has a girlfriend (the gf is a big time actress) falls in love with a nanny he hired. This same boss has a best friend, while the nanny has a sister. 
        Things got complicated because they were all trying to save their friendships instead of their relationships. Jealousy, how it feels to be lonely, how it feels to miss an opportunity and strive to have another chance were all expressed in this drama.
         The acting was superb. Ella Chen can sure make 1000 different face expressions. Jerry Yan also proved to be one hell of a boyfriend. There was chemistry between Ella and Jerry, there was also chemistry between Ella and the guy with the supporting male role (Michael Zhang). The character Hui Fan was well-shown, she really looked pathetic.
        The OST was really good also. It also included songs from S.H.E
I learnt a lot of suffs from DWL. First is been truthful to yourself (you are in love with someone, just get down to it and don't beat around the bush), there some cases you have to let go and be happy for the other person (as in - Let a bird go, if it comes back to you, then it's yours), you can't find out the answer to something without giving it a try. Lastly, no matter the case, you've got to continue with life and be happy. 
         I sincerely hope you guys would enjoy Down With Love.
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