Monday, 31 December 2012

T - Time Travel [2012]

It's time to do some time travel........ I never knew I would even be able to continue with this blog thingy, Yeah.... but here we are now.

Below are the top 12 post that made headlines this year on this blog........The views of these posts range from 73 to 31 views.

Matsuda Shota 
Fabulous 30
Mia Taeng
As One
Happy Sunday #12
Bad girls 
Top 5 Korean actresses
Wiwa Wah Woon 
Christmas Cake Recipe 2 
Mnet Asian Music Award part 1 
Lakorns #2 

I want to say a big thank you to you all for viewing my blog!!!!!!


T - Top 10 K-Dramas for 2012

I have no right to make this list, because I have only watched 2% of  K-dramas that were aired or currently airing this year [2012].

But.... I've been sniffing around some other lists, plus, I've also been paying attention to what most of my MDL friends have found interesting. I will not be including currently airing dramas, since I/we have no idea of how they will end...... So, let's just stick to the completed ones.

Those that know me will know that 2 spots from this list are already taken.... So, there are only 8 spots left. hehehe!!!

Let's  get this rolling.....











I'm going to squeeze 2 other K-dramas into this list.....



I forgot to add this at the top, this list is in no particular order :p lol!!!

RS - Top 10 Pop Songs 2012

Okay.... All the post from yesterday, were all about K-pop. Today..... I want to list my top 10 Pop songs for 2012.....

Least I forget, it's in no particular order..... 

 Aura Dione - In Love With The World

Justin Bieber - As Long As You Love Me

Will.I.Am ft The Script - Hall of Fame

Ne-Yo - Let Me Love You [Until You Love Yourself]

 Alicia Keys -  Girl on Fire

Swedish House Mafia - Don't You Worry Child

Bruno Mars - Locked Out Of Heaven

Rihanna - Diamonds

 Ke$ha - Die Young

Pink - Try

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Happy Sunday #16

YAY!!! This is the last SUNDAY in the year 2012...... Wow!!!! So, 2012 is finally coming to an end!!!

I've been trying to post as much end of year posts as I can lol!!! 

I really don't have much to say; but to say a BIG THANK YOU for staying tuned all this while and follwing up on my Happy Sunday Editions.

I will skip on the OSTs, and Updates and just DIVE  straight into the QUOTES, EYE CANDY and CAKE:


My sister wants to do some baking tomorrow..... So, I MIGHT post some pictures, that's if the cakes turn out well lol.

Eye candy:

A HOUSE!!!!!!

RS - 20 Random Other K-pop Songs

I know I've left out a lot of good songs that were released this year. I will try to include them to this list. 

Enjoy listening to them!!!!!

1. Please Don't - K.Will

2. Bounce Bounce - JJ Project

3. Beautiful Night - Ulala Session

4. Beautiful Night - Beast/B2ST

5. Believe - U-KISS

6. 60 Secs - Kim Sung Gyu

7. Caffeine - Jang Yo Seob

8. Severely - FT-Island

9. Room Delinquent - Sagging Snail

10. Crying - Heo Young Saeng

11. Intimidated - Heo Young Saeng

12. Only Hard For Me - MIB

13. Nillili Mambo - Block B
If I don't add Block B, somebody I know demand for my head :p

14. Tease Me - Seo In Guk

15. Return - Lee Seung Gi

16. 100% - MBLAQ

17. Pursuit of Happiness - LeeSSang
I'm a huge fan of Gary, hence my love for LeeSSang.

18. Burning - Phantom

19. Beautiful - Park Jung Min

20. Illa Illa - Juniel

21. Somebody Else - Se7en

22. Bloom - Ga-in

23. Somebody Else - JYPark

24. Tried To Walk - B1A4

25. Janus - Boyfriend

26. Poison - Secret

27. Wings - Daesung

28. No 1 - F.Cuz

29. Alone - SISTAR

30. Supersonic - Younha

I couldn't get most of G.dragon's and Epik High's songs..... I wanted to add to this list. 

Hope you enjoyed listening to them!!! :p

RS - Top 10 Rookie's Songs [2012]

Okay as I stated in the 10 Random Comeback Kpop Songs 2012...... I have to post 2 additional posts about Kpop. 

..... These are songs from newly debuted groups or solo artists..... 

Hot Game - A-JAX
This is one of my favourite rookie group..... I also like this song

1,2,3,4 - Lee Hi
She had this Adele feel.

Sexy Lady - Jang WooYoung [2PM]
I was really happy for him, when I read he was to debut as a solo artist ..... He did well!!!!

Face - Nu'est
I mistook Ren for a girl lol!!!! This is a good debut song.

Warrior - B.A.P
This is one hella debut song..... They were simply AMAZING..... Zelo and Bang Yong Guk's rap were great.

I'm Missing You - D-Unit
These girls had great moves!!!! I also looked them up, and I was impressed.

How Nice Would It Be - Lunafly
This is a gooooood song!!!!

Far away...... Young Love - C-Clown
I just stumbled on this group.... and they are good!!!

Insane - BTOB

We Are A Bit Different - EVOL

If there are other interesting rookies, feel free to post their songs!!!

RS - 10 Random Kpop Comeback Songs 2012

Background story on our the title was coined:

The title was originally top 10 Kpop songs [2012], but while typing.... My barain sort of imploded - I couldn't think straight, there were just toooooo many songs. Those who understand K-pop will know this is a crazy list to make..... There's a solo artist or group debuting almost every week.... Woow!!! I really find that ridiculous; apart from the debuting, there are groups making their comebacks..... With this you can have an idea of the hundreds if not thousands of songs (I'm trying my best not to exaggerate here) that were released this year. 

After much thought, I changed it from the Top 10 to Random..... but I couldn't still work with it. I have to think of Comeback songs, Debut songs and...... I found a better title, but it would require me to make 2 additional posts to this (Not funny at all).... And that's how I came up with that title you can see above.

Let's get this started.....

These are comeback songs that stood out for me... (they are in NO particular order)

Venus - ShinHwa

I wasn't expecting any comeback from them.... I was really excited, when they landed this.

Blue - Big Bang
This was the first single that was released from their long awaited comeback album

Volume up - 4 Minute
It's a catchy song!!!

Hurt Me - Dalmatian
I thought they just newly debuted, but.... they've been around, plus, their songs are really good!!!

I Don't Need A Man - Miss A
I like Miss A, because of Min.... but their comebacks songs this year haven't been quite good.... but either ways, I like them all the same

Sexy, Free and Single - Super Junior
I don't think they need any further introduction.

Run - C.N Blue
If I have to pick a favourite kpop band, I did pick C.N Blue... This is one of my favourite songs from their new mimi album.

Aftermath - ZE:A
They really looked all manly here!!!!!

It ain't fun - Big Bang
I really love the song, especially the chorus lol!!!!

Step - A Pink

I was never really a fan of A Pink, but EunJi made me one lol!!!. This song has a fluffy and typical Kpop girl group feel.

There were OTHER comeback songs.......

TVXQ - Catch Me If You Can

F(x) - Electric Shock

SHINee - Sherlock
I like SHINee and the never disappoint, when it comes to steps (dance)

2PM - Only You

I know there were a lot of comebacks.... Let me know about your favourite comeback songs.

T - My Top Dramas [2012]

I just want to rave about the dramas that I watched this year (2012), that were not only interesting, amazing, but also stood out for me. The dramas I'm going to talk about are not new in anyway (I've written so many stuffs about them already).... They are in no particular order, apart from how they flash  through my mind. I was thinking of giving a brief summary about why I like them...... But I've changed my mind about, I will just list them instead xDD. You can blame it on my lazy self!!!

A Gentleman's Dignity - K-Drama [2012]
Okay...... I know I wrote something about just LISTING...... Yeah, but AGD is simply AWESOME. This is a drama everyone (no one is to be excluded) should watch!!!

Reply 1997 - K-Drama [2012]
If you attended high school or not, had close friends, have childhood friends, have a first love, never had one or probably you are still working it...... Whatever or whichever of the above examples you belong to.... You DEFINITELY have to see this.

Kami no Shizuku - J-Drama [2009]
This has been sitting on my plan to watch list for months..... but I picked it up. I'm so happy I did , apart from KnS having Kamenashi Kazuya in it..... I learnt a lot about wines. My whole perspective has changed, when it comes to wines lol!!!

 Mia Taeng - Lakorn [2011]
This was my first time seeing Choompoo Araya act and she really did a good job. Plus, she wasn't one of those female Lakorn leads that just sit and cry all day, she stood up for her right and got things done.... Well she could have done better in some parts, but she definitely did well. I really also liked this Lakorn!!!

Drunken To Love You - TW-Drama [2011]

LOL!!! This is one hell of a drama, it has everything in it - HOT romance, action (bits here and there), comedy (a whole lot). It's really good!!!

Rich Man, Poor Woman - J-drama [2012]
It was really great to see Oguri Shun star in a new drama and it was really interesting and light.

 Sao Chai Hi-tech - Lakorn [2010]
Okay, I first watched this without subs, but sometime this year I buddy watched it with English subs!!!! This is also my first Lakorn ever..... Plus I really loved the Aom and Jui pairing!!! The OSTs were also wonderful.... Don't even get me started on the supporting cast!!! They all did a GREAT job!!!

Special Affairs Team TEN - K-Drama [2012]
I actually don't watch Korean detective dramas, I rather watch something western, but after seeing Joo Sang Wook was one of the main lead.... I gave TEN a shot... It was darn good!!!! I can't wait for the second season to start airing next year. Plus, it only has 10 eps hehehe

In Time With You - TW-drama [2011]
The OSTs used in ITWY are simply beautiful, beautiful songs. I really enjoyed it. It addresses this friend zone issue.

The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry [2010] & Dalja's Spring [2007]

LOL!!! I couldn't pick...... They both have the older woman-falls-in-love-with-a-younger-man theme..... There are other plots included in both. I really enjoyed both of them!!!! It's really hard to pick. I love Kim Bum's acting in TWWSWTM and Lee Min Ki was also amazing in DS. I also like the lead female casts in both dramas.