Sunday, 30 December 2012

RS - Top 10 Rookie's Songs [2012]

Okay as I stated in the 10 Random Comeback Kpop Songs 2012...... I have to post 2 additional posts about Kpop. 

..... These are songs from newly debuted groups or solo artists..... 

Hot Game - A-JAX
This is one of my favourite rookie group..... I also like this song

1,2,3,4 - Lee Hi
She had this Adele feel.

Sexy Lady - Jang WooYoung [2PM]
I was really happy for him, when I read he was to debut as a solo artist ..... He did well!!!!

Face - Nu'est
I mistook Ren for a girl lol!!!! This is a good debut song.

Warrior - B.A.P
This is one hella debut song..... They were simply AMAZING..... Zelo and Bang Yong Guk's rap were great.

I'm Missing You - D-Unit
These girls had great moves!!!! I also looked them up, and I was impressed.

How Nice Would It Be - Lunafly
This is a gooooood song!!!!

Far away...... Young Love - C-Clown
I just stumbled on this group.... and they are good!!!

Insane - BTOB

We Are A Bit Different - EVOL

If there are other interesting rookies, feel free to post their songs!!!

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