Friday, 21 January 2011


I just want to lighten the mood a little.

How was the whole holiday from advent to christmas to boxing day to sylvester party to the new year? Hope u guys had real fun with your family and friends? Hope you also had time to rest cause thats the real reason for hols and celebrations.

I had a wonderful time, had a fullhouse , tried a new sport, watched a whole lot of movies, series and animes. lol It was a little bit stressful going round and trying to do so many things at the same time. Presents and all.

 NEW YEAR!!!! It feels so good to be in another year, in case you guys don't know or haven't noticed it is 2011!!! Just joking around.
Any new year resolutions yet. I bet a whole lot have written on two A4 papers what they have to do and won't do; goals ........... I don't have one yet to be sincere but I'm not drifting with the wind either; I'm only particular about what is before me as in the next step.

Although have drafted a plan quite alright but i'm particular about the step before me. 

All well and good. I pray we all achieve great things in this new year and also work with our goals and whatever you have listed.

AdeNike Adesanya.