Rating System

I wanted to make this more elegant and elaborate, but it isn't working for me at all lol. So instead of png images, I've ended up with numbers, but as soon as I get the hang of our to do this properly, I will fix it.

For now, let's just make do with this lol!!!

My ratings range from 1 - 10. 10 Being the highest and 1 the lowest. I doubt if you would seeing anything less than a 5. Once a drama or movie can have such a low rating, I don't bother watching it. Hence, most of my ratings tend to be high (and probably unrealistic).

A very short and brief breakdown:

1 - 3 ~ A total waste of time

4 - 5 ~ Manageable

6 - 7 ~ Good

8 - 9 ~ Really good/brillant

10 ~ Amazing/Masterpiece

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