Sunday, 2 March 2014

Happy Sunday #64

A drawing by Seokjin Jin, a teacher from TTMIK ^^

Image For The Week
Another drawing from Seokjin Jin!!! ^_^

Saying For The Week

It's too early to say I'm doing well in my goals, but yeah, they are going on pretty well..... For updates you can always check my Check List on the sidebar ^^

Song For The Week
Boys Republic are back with Video Game. ENJOY!!!

Eye-Candy For The Week
Donnie Yen, a Hongkong actor. I watched a movie of his - 14 blades.

Have a lovely week!!!
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Sunday, 29 December 2013


Hi, I just want to inform you all that I have moved to Wordpress. Oh, but I'm STILL keeping this account. I have already moved all the posts here on to my account on Wordpress.

My new blog and account - Welcome!!!!

I hope you join me there ^_^  Thanks!!!
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Sunday, 8 December 2013

Happy Sunday #1

I'm going to launch this page with this song---

I really <3 this song, I hope you enjoy it.

I need to 'fess up now, I'm not really certain on what exactly I'm suppose to post in here. But anyway, you will really find it really interesting.

I've really been behind on Variety shows, such as WGM (We Got Married) and RM (Running Man). I was finally able to catch up on the Dimple/TeukSo's couple on WGM and I've began watching the season 4 of WGM, I find the KangYoon's couple really interesting. Actually, the reason is Julien Kang himself ~drooling~. 

Running Man.
KangYoon couple
TeukSo couple.

Re-fueling ---

I'm wishing you all a wonderful and pleasant week!!!! 

Enjoy listening to this song also --

Okay, I know this song is being everywhere and some of you might be sick of it already, but it's quite catchy, I guess it would be able to lift your spirits anytime you're down this week :)))

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Happy Sunday #53


Blogger is gradually getting annoying -_- I can neither insert videos nor photos, not even links. I hope they sort themselves out before next week *quite irritated*

Saying For The Week
''Nothing that happens is ever forgotten, even if you can't remember it'' - Zeniba [Spirited Away]

I'm back to Dramaland - completed Anego, Alice in Liar Game, Master's Sun and Fukunga vs. Tokoya: Liar Game. Moving on to Shut Up Flower Boy Band, which is just 16 eps and each episode is 45 minutes long.

It's really sad to hear about Paul Walker's death, may his soul rest in peace...... :(

I know I haven't updated the directory or even the tabs in very long time. I will try to that as soon as possible. ^_^

Song For The Week
I was talking about Hotel Transylvania last week - I like the sound track at the end, You're my Zing. Thanks blogger, I can't post the song!!!

Eye - Candy For The Week
So sorry for this week's lack of eye candy, but you can type in eye candy in the search box XDD

Welcome to the month of December, the countdown to Christmas begins!!!! LOL!!

Have a lovely week people!!!

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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

T - MAMA 2013

Another MAMA event has come and gone and I quite enjoyed it - from the red carpet and to the real show itself. There were a number of performances, some were good and for some I was just staring at my laptop *....*

Awards, Winners and Nominees 
I'm going to skip on most of the nominees and winners, it's no news that G Dragon of Big Bang bagged the most of the awards - 4 awards, Infinite - 2 awards and SISTAR also went home with 2 awards. Others went home with an award or nothing. So then....... moving on~~~ Oh SHINee won Best Male Dance Group.

I think the highlights for this year's performances were the collaborations - Icona Pop and 2NE1, Trouble maker and Infinite and the most anticipated one [well I think most people were looking forward to this one] Ylvis and Crayon Pop. We can not also neglect a legend - Stevie Wonder!!!! He won the Music Makes One Global Ambassador Award [Seriously, how do they come up with some award titles on MAMA?? ]...... The plan is......

*  Icona Pop and 2NE1
I think Icona Pop did put a good show.

*  Gangs of Hong Kong - Troublemaker and Infinite
Well for these two if a scandal should occur, I think we should have seen that coming...... Just saying. Also look out for the reactions of the audiences XDD

Infinite's performance
Don't forget to watch out for reactions also LOL!!! It was nice to see them perform Before The Dawn after a long time.

Ylvis and Crayon Pop - When the Fox says bar, bar, bar XDD
You can tell how popular they are via the reaction of the audiences. Dasom was on her feet as soon as they were on stage

And now the collaboration 

* Stevie Wonder/Aaron Kwok/Hyorin [I Just Called To Say A I Love You]
Hmmm...... I can't seem to find the video on blogger's YT, even if the link is on YT, watch it here

Solo/Group performances
I'm just going to select some few - the ones I ENJOYED lol!!!
* Stevie Wonder
Really good songs - medley!!!
* Rain
Yup, Rain is back and it's going to ''Rain'' very very soon. The above video was more like an advert hehehe!!! To his real performance

* Aaron Kwok
A little problem here also, there are no good clips of Aaron, but here is the full clip of the MAMA 2013, of course I'm not asking you to watch the whole thing. He hits the stage on mark 2:48:00 ENJOY!!! 

* EXO - Growl and Wolf 
The intro was a little off lol!!! Random German words and commands could be seen on the screen, at first I thought they were to follow the commands, but that wasn't the case and a background music can be heard also, I think it that was in English. A girl in a white dress comes out of nowhere...... Well, apart from that, they also gave a good performance ^_^

* Big Bang
Here's the full clip of BB's solo performance and the group performance. Even though GD and Taeyang have weird concepts of fashion [IMO] and almost all of GD's songs sound the same, they know HOW to put up a performance!!!! They really did rock the stage and you can see Hyori doing some little dancing there also lol!!! I haven't listened to TOP's new song [Doom Dada] yet, when he sang it live it sounded okay..... I'm going to look it up.

* Lee Seung Gi
This is an orchestra version of his song Return, it's truly beautiful!!! He was also given an award - Best Vocal Performance Male Award 

Little clips or happenings that had an impression
It was good to see him on TV again and I like his speech. I have no idea what's going on between GD, Seungri and the microphone Stevie was holding lol!!!

Big bang's red carpet. They are ''fashionistas'' as usual XDD an Taeyang almost broke the spinal cord of Danny via a forced piggyback out of happiness lol!!!

YAY!!! Lee Seung Gi it's really good to see him again, all looking handsome and fresh. He makes a comeback as a host and his new variety show  - Noonas over Flowers will air on the 29th of Nov.
There's also another clip of him I want to show y'all..... We are going to make use of the full clip once again, mark 2:18:42 [The host's speech]

I can't leave out RM [Running Man] crew - The Ace [Song Ji Hyo] and The Commander [Kim Jong Kook]
On the RC
As presenters
Miss Mong's moment

When Ailee won the Best Vocal Female Performance, I was truly happy for her, amidst all the scandal and all.

I actually thought this year's awards would be for BB and EXO, but apparently GD took them all. I don't think it would have looked right, if EXO got nothing. Anyway, they bagged one of the top awards - Album of the Year!!!

And the party continues!!!!

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Sunday, 24 November 2013

Happy Sunday #52

I watched Hotel Transylvania yesterday. Damn!!! It's so funny and I like the songs, especially the last one - You're my Zing. The rap was just awesome lol!!! 

Image For The Week

Saying For The Week
                              From Clannad

I'm done with my exams for this month HURRAY!!!! I haven't relaxed so much on a weekend *super duper happy* I finally watched the MAMA [Mnet Asian Music Award] today, I couldn't watch it when it aired on Friday, thanks to a lecture lol!!!

I'm going to put up a post on MAMA sometime this week ^_^. It's going to be centred on my thoughts.

BTW, there are so many dramas I want to watch and this year isn't helping at all..... This year has been blessed with so many good dramas, plus I've been starved of dramas. 

Song For The Week
This week's song is from one of the performances on MAMA, Rain is back on stage!!! ENJOY!!!

Eye-Candy For The Week
This week's eye candies, well it's more of a costume situation....... Prince of Lan Ling!!! It's a Chinese historical drama.

Have  a lovely week!!!!
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Sunday, 17 November 2013

Happy Sunday #51

Shaolin soccer *soccer + martial arts* LOL!!!

Image For The Week
                     Sumilon Island, Oslob Cebu, Philippines 

Saying For The Week
A quote from Secret. I hear it's a really good drama.

I'm enjoying the variety show - Mamma Mia. I need to see how EXO vs. Running Man's Hide and Seek game ended....... *fingers crossed*

Song For The Week
I came across this song today, it's from Beckah Shae. ENJOY!!!!

Eye-candy For The Week
Okay, last week I was torn between the cast of Heirs and Jae Joong. Here are the main cast of Heirs ^_^
Park Shin Hye as Cha Eun Sang
Park Hyung Sik
Kim Woo Bin as Choi Young Do
Kang Min Hyuk as Yoon Chan Young
Lee Min Ho as Kim Tan
Choi Jin Hyuk as Kim Won

Have a wonderful week!!!

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