Hi all!!!!

In other to make sure that nobody gets lost here lol, I'm kind enough to provide a tour of my blog ^^

I'm going to kick start this tour with the Pages;

  It's just the abb. for Relaxation and Spazzing. It's my many in 1 package; these package includes galleries, some random videos and playlists.

A-Z Drama:
It's a compilation of dramas I've watched..... Since it's not possible for me to write a review on every drama.

As the title implies... It's basically my thoughts about  a lot of stuffs and it's gonna range through various topics. Also my main page for announcements, also be on the lookout for recipes ^_^. Hmmm..... I might add some other stuffs to it as time goes on.

A-Z Movies:
It's same as A-Z Drama, a list of movies I've watched. There aren't only Asian Movies..... From time to time, other countries could pop up.

 In My Words:
In My Words is basically reviews of movies, dramas and books. I don't think I will be adding anything else to it.

Happy Sunday:
This is just to ease your way through the new week, which will include songs, eye candies that would be locked in your memory, cookies and cakes...... many more. Just take it as someone, somewhere motivating you ;)

Here, there will be sites for those who are interested in learning a new language and I would be posting stuffs in other languages especially in German. My German isn't that perfect, but I want to use this medium to perfect it. (Once my German is near perfect, then the above sentence becomes unimportant).

Variety Shows:
There will be a lot of mentions of variety shows on some of my posts. In case you're wondering, what the heck is she blabbing about?? Just check it out. You will see the list of shows (mostly Asian shows) I follow and some youtube accounts, that are will make you ROFL throughout the day.

You're going to be graced with links, where you can watch and download Asian dramas and movies, get addicted to Variety shows (Showbiz). Interested in learning Japanese or Korean or any other language?? Drop by!!!

Rating System:
It's an overview of the rating system, I'll be using for the A-Z lists. It will be good to drop by here first before looking up the A-Z lists, that way you will have an idea of what I'm talking about.

All the Gadgets are on the right - Hi there (a little intro), Looking For Something (to search the blog), Translate (you can translate the blog into your own language), Locate Me (other sites I can be found), Psalm of the Day, the archives (Dig in!!!)....... I think that's practically all.

Have fun!!! Please don't just get lost :p

AdeNike ;)


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