Friday, 10 August 2012

IMW- She's on Duty (Korean Movie)


This movie is suppose to receive a 10, but there are some little loopholes, I gave it a 9 instead..... At first, I didn't want to watch it; The storyline is nothing unique and I thought it's gonna be cheesy and all.... but NO, I got it all wrong.

AS I've earlier said the storyline is nothing unique, a cop goes undercover in high school to uncover the whereabouts of a gang boss..... and a lot of stuffs happened in between - romance, betrayal....

The acting was super.... If you don't know Gong Yoo, it will be wonderful if you got to know him (okay, enough of my fan-girling~). He did a wonderful job and Kim Sun Ah didn't fall short at all. The other cast
 were equally good.

The music isn't really all that. Actually, I can't remember a single one, Probably because, I was to busy laughing my heart out....

She's On Duty has romance, comedy - it's reallllly funny, action - the undercover missions and stunts. It's really worth the watch!!!!!

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