Friday, 10 August 2012

IMW- Pretear ( Anime)


We all have a point in our life when we fall into this darkness of despair, when we are scared, don't know what to do, at times we feel it's best to disappear, or a knight in shining armour should come to our rescue. In times like these we also have options- get consumed by that darkness of despair or refuse to be consumed by it. That's the scenario Pretear presents to us.

It's a whooping 10. It's about two Pretears; one who was once a Pretear and the other that wants to be a Pretear and in between a whole lot of things happen. The key point is I-don't-want-to-be-alone and I-want-to-be-loved kind of story. You can start picturing Friends and Family kind of relationship.

It's very good, the preting (which i think it's more like mating, it's just that there are no kids or creatures borne here... i know i sound pervy), the clothes she has on during the preting, the demons and the clearly seen super powers.

It's clear and the music just suits it.



The characters are well-developed, they are not predictable. Each character has it's own unique and distinct character and that's what makes Pretear Unique.

Overall it's awesome, you can't be bored.....bored is far from the whole setting, it has almost everything from Shoujo, fantasy, action, magic, super power, comedy to romance. It's 13 episodes of solid, unique, captivating and little-tear or much-tear shedding anime.
Just sit back and have a great time. I wished Hayate could just be honest with himself, the guy is such a baka.


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