Sunday, 30 December 2012

RS - 10 Random Kpop Comeback Songs 2012

Background story on our the title was coined:

The title was originally top 10 Kpop songs [2012], but while typing.... My barain sort of imploded - I couldn't think straight, there were just toooooo many songs. Those who understand K-pop will know this is a crazy list to make..... There's a solo artist or group debuting almost every week.... Woow!!! I really find that ridiculous; apart from the debuting, there are groups making their comebacks..... With this you can have an idea of the hundreds if not thousands of songs (I'm trying my best not to exaggerate here) that were released this year. 

After much thought, I changed it from the Top 10 to Random..... but I couldn't still work with it. I have to think of Comeback songs, Debut songs and...... I found a better title, but it would require me to make 2 additional posts to this (Not funny at all).... And that's how I came up with that title you can see above.

Let's get this started.....

These are comeback songs that stood out for me... (they are in NO particular order)

Venus - ShinHwa

I wasn't expecting any comeback from them.... I was really excited, when they landed this.

Blue - Big Bang
This was the first single that was released from their long awaited comeback album

Volume up - 4 Minute
It's a catchy song!!!

Hurt Me - Dalmatian
I thought they just newly debuted, but.... they've been around, plus, their songs are really good!!!

I Don't Need A Man - Miss A
I like Miss A, because of Min.... but their comebacks songs this year haven't been quite good.... but either ways, I like them all the same

Sexy, Free and Single - Super Junior
I don't think they need any further introduction.

Run - C.N Blue
If I have to pick a favourite kpop band, I did pick C.N Blue... This is one of my favourite songs from their new mimi album.

Aftermath - ZE:A
They really looked all manly here!!!!!

It ain't fun - Big Bang
I really love the song, especially the chorus lol!!!!

Step - A Pink

I was never really a fan of A Pink, but EunJi made me one lol!!!. This song has a fluffy and typical Kpop girl group feel.

There were OTHER comeback songs.......

TVXQ - Catch Me If You Can

F(x) - Electric Shock

SHINee - Sherlock
I like SHINee and the never disappoint, when it comes to steps (dance)

2PM - Only You

I know there were a lot of comebacks.... Let me know about your favourite comeback songs.

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