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RS - Ariel Lin

Name: 林依晨 / Lin Yi Chen (Lam Yi San)/ Ariel Lin
DOB:  29 October 1982 
POB: Taipei, Taiwan
Profession: Actress, Singer (Mandopop)
Height: 160cm
Weight: 43kg
Star sign: Scorpio
Chinese zodiac: Dog
Blood type: A

2003 - Kung Fu Girls [空手道少女組]
2003 - Love Me, If You Can [飛躍情海]
2004 - Free as Love [浮生若夢]
2011 - Love Sick [戀愛恐慌症]

True Love 18 [十八歲的約定] - 2002
Purple Corner [紫色角落] - 2002
Seventh Grade [七年級生] - 2003
My Secret Garden [我的秘密花園] - 2003
Friends [名揚四海] - 2003
Love Contract [愛情合約] - 2004
My Secret Garden II [我的秘密花園2] - 2004
It Started With a Kiss [惡作劇之吻] - 2005
Tokyo Juliet [東方茱麗葉] - 2006
The Little Fairy [天外飛仙] - 2006
They Kiss Again [惡作劇2吻] - 2007
Love or Bread [我的億萬麵包] - 2008
The Legend of the Condor Heroes [射雕英雄傳] - 2008
In Time with You [我可能不會愛你] - 2011

Adventure Of Lunia [路尼亞戰記] - 2007
Blissful Encounter [幸福遇見] - 2009, Avex Taiwan
A Wonderful Journey [美好的旅行] - 2010, Avex Taiwan

"孤單北半球" Lonely Northern Hemisphere, Love Contract ending theme song - 2004
"歸途" The Way Home, April Snow original soundtrack - 2005
"非你莫屬" It Had to Be You, Tokyo Juliet Original Soundtrack ending theme song - 2006
"你" You, They Kiss Again ending theme song - 2007
"路尼亞戰記主題曲" Theme from Lunia - 2007
"麵包的滋味" The Taste of Bread, Love or Bread ending theme song - 2008

Ariel Lin's New York Bagel Diary (林依晨的紐約貝果日記 /Lín Yīchén de Niǔ Yuē bèiguǒ rìjì) - March 2008
Ariel's Blog (林家女孩依晨的青春部落格/ Lín jiā nǚhái Yīchén de qīngchūn bùluògé) - 2005
Ariel's A wonderful Journey" (美好的旅行) - August 2010

Ariel Lin is a wonderful actress. I first saw her in Lovesick a movie along side Bolin Chen. Well, the movie was so so, then I watched In Time With You and that one really NAILED it. Although, she's pretty I think she still needs more flesh lol!!! Nevertheless she's still adorable!!!!


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