Friday, 10 August 2012

IMW - Sunny (Korean Movie)


I've been searching for just a word...a word not 2 words to sum up this movie, but I have not been able to come across any. Just to let you know, it's beyond words....... It sounds like I'm exaggerating, but I'm not at all, you will have to watch it, before you can understand what I mean.

Sunny merges the 70's with the 21st century PERFECTLY, the blend was flawless. Sunny is all about the reunion of 7 best friends. They were friends in high school, but an accident happened, which led them to disband, but they promised to meet each other in the nearest future. 

I couldn't hold back my tears while watching this. It's a wonderful movie. It actually got me thinking of how it would look like for me to meet my friends from playgroup or to meet my current friends 25 years later.

The OST is the DAEBAK. 

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