Friday, 17 August 2012

RS - Polls!!!!!

   Hi!!!!! I sorta created a poll, you can see it on the right-hand side below the slide show. This is the deal, hmm vote, then leave your comments in this post. :D 

If I'm gonna pick a language it's gonna be Korean. Why?? Hmmm, because right now, this moment....... I'm interested in everything Korean - food, culture, tradition, dressing, entertainment industry.... I think I might just buy a ticket and fly there, but I need to save enough money first. :D


  1. :D Mareep here!
    Well how funny, since I speak German and English, started to study Spanish but skipped because I'm tired of all those irregular verbs >> and started studying Japanese a few days ago :>
    I chose Japanese since I am very into it atm : )
    But korean is interesting as well ^^

    1. Hello Mareep, thanks for visiting <3. Hehehe I'm trying to study Japanese also, but the characters are a little difficult to remember. Plus, those strokes are on a different level.