Wednesday, 31 October 2012

IMW - Hello Stranger

Hello stranger is not a Hollywood movie, it's a Thai movie. HS was recommended to me by a Thai friend I just made ^^. I initially asked for Thai songs, but I got a Thai movie. This movie is really, really good.

Trailer time ---> 


Casts ---
Chunthawit Thanasewi - Dang (Thai: ด่าง)
Nuengthida Sophon - May (Thai: เมย์)
Warutaya Nilakhuha - Goi (Thai: ก้อย)
Directed by - Banjong Pisanthanakun
Written by - Chunthawit Thanasewi
Distributed by - GMM Tai Hub
Release date(s) -19 August 2010
Country - Thailand
Language - Thai

HS revolves around two Thais who travelled to Korea (Yay Korea!!!) lol. Different situations actually led them to travel to Korea alone..... This two people have different, really different preference. While one was in Korea to see the sets that were used in popular Korean dramas; the other was just in Korea. Anyway, both of them meet and due to some reasons they got stuck with each other.

With the title one would already know that's a romance story. But this has a very, very UNIQUE ending..... In case you're thinking of some kind of popular ending..... I did advise you to push that thought out of your head and mind and watch the movie instead.

Did I leave out anything else?? ~ponders~..... I don't think so.

The soundtrack is good. Two stuffs made HS a hightlight (maybe just to me). The first one is the soundtrack, there's a soundtrack that was used in HS and it's the same soundtrack that was used in Sao Chai Hi Tech (Sao Chai Hi tech lovers are you guys in the house??!!!).... Hearing that sound totally made my day. In case you wondering what's Sao Chai Hi tech ---- click here. And the second one is, Jui Warattaya!!!! She actually didn't hold any main role here, she was featured as a cameo. She also acted in Sao Chai Hi tech.

It's true HS has the normal and common romance storyline - girl meets boy or boy meets girl, but the end it's actually more realistic than most of these kind of movie. If you want to watch it, just type Hello Stranger on youtube!!!!

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