Sunday, 28 October 2012

Happy Sunday #7

How's the preparation for Halloween going?? ;) Hopefully not chaotic lol :p. 

Today's Happy Sunday might be quite short...... I have an exam on Tuesday, but I still have to post this, even if I don't post anything else (I'm quite responsible and reliable ~wriggles eyebrow~ LOL). Okay, back to the Halloween talk. I already had my own Halloween party last week, and it was quite awesome. I even had my face painted (just half of my face though). I have to confess, that was my first Halloween party....... this is quite embarrassing. I had no costume on, I just did up my face........ Everything was basically done on impulse..... I wasn't sure if I was going to attend the party or not....... so after much asking around and thinking and all....... few hours to the party I called up my friend....... and I went for the party.
That's my face hehehe!!!!
And I spent the night dancing, prancing around and taking pictures ~THE END~

I would have loved to recommend horror movies ~cringes~ and all, but too bad I'm not a fan. Yeah, I still know a couple.....hmmm.... SAW, MICHAEL MEYERS, I CAN STILL REMEMBER WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER...... oh there's SCREAM also...... Anyway hope you guys have fun!!!

I've been busy on Tumblr also..... I've had a Tumblr account for months, but I never knew it had all those hidden treasures. I will post some stuffs from there ^_^

But, before that....... Here are your weekly dosages
I was already about downloading this song, until I found out it was on my playlist already...... It's a new girl group and I really do like this song..... I guess it's because of the dance steps, well it just feels difference. Enjoy listening to it!!!

Have I left anything out??? ~thinking~ Oh cakes!!! Halloween cake to be precise.

Now to the Tumblr goodies and candies!!!

Okay, I know make up and photoshop is included..... BUT STILL???

I'm going to stop here for today :p. In between, wish me luck in my exam!!!!! Thanks.
Have an AWESOME week!!!

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