Sunday, 2 December 2012

Happy Sunday #12

Before I launch into this edition.... I want to say HAPPY NEW MONTH!!! Woow!!! It's really December already. I sincerely hope December grants every one of your remaining wishes for the year 2012 ^_^

I performed another ''cosmetic surgery'' for the blog...... I hope you like the background!!!! It's for the Christmas season.

I remember also saying something about recipes and about OSTs. I will be posting a traditional Christmas cake recipe later and this song is an OST. This OST recently won the award for the Best OST at the MAMA 2012. It's from the drama Reply 1997. 

I know I wrote OST week (last week on HS #11), but since I don't post, say on a daily basis. Most of the songs that will be posted on Happy Sunday for this month will be OSTs. 

I'm happy to let you guys know that, I have successfully finished the dramas on Currently Watching.... I will be taking those dramas down and I will be putting up another list. I will also be posting reviews. I'm also on another project, and that's watching all of.... okay maybe not all but most of 007 series. I've started already, I watched Dr No..... I should post a review about it.

Quotes/Images (weekly dose):

LOL, I agree with No. 4.

Between, you would have noticed, there's no longer music playing in the background..... Mixpod has been shut down... So, I'm still searching for another music player. If you have any idea, do leave it as a comment. Thanks!!!

Okay, it's time for the traditional Christmas cake recipe

 The ingredients: 
   1 lb (450 g) currants
   6 oz (175 g) sultanas
   6 oz (175 g) raisins
   2 oz (50 g) glacé cherries, rinsed, dried and finely chopped
   2 oz (50 g) mixed candied peel, finely chopped
   3 tablespoons brandy, plus extra for 'feeding'
   8 oz (225 g) plain flour
   ½ level teaspoon salt
   ¼ level teaspoon freshly grated nutmeg
   ½ level teaspoon ground mixed spice
   8 oz (225 g) unsalted butter
   8 oz (225 g) soft brown sugar
   4 large eggs
   2 oz (50 g) almonds, chopped (the skins can be left on)
   1 level dessertspoon black treacle
   grated zest 1 lemon
   grated zest 1 orange
   4 oz (110 g) whole blanched almonds (only if you don't intend to ice the cake)

  You need to begin this cake the night before you want to bake it. All you do is weigh out the dried fruit and mixed peel, place it in a mixing bowl and mix in the brandy as evenly and thoroughly as possible. Cover the bowl with a clean tea cloth and leave the fruit aside to absorb the brandy for 12 hours.

Next day pre-heat the oven to gas mark 1, 275°F (140°C). Then measure out all the rest of the ingredients, ticking them off to make quite sure they're all there. The treacle will be easier to measure if you remove the lid and place the tin in a small pan of barely simmering water. Now begin the cake by sifting the flour, salt and spices into a large mixing bowl, lifting the sieve up high to give the flour a good airing. Next, in a separate large mixing bowl, whisk the butter and sugar together until it's light, pale and fluffy. Now beat the eggs in a separate bowl and add them to the creamed mixture a tablespoonful at a time; keep the whisk running until all the egg is incorporated. If you add the eggs slowly by degrees like this the mixture won't curdle. If it does, don't worry, any cake full of such beautiful things can't fail to taste good!

When all the egg has been added, fold in the flour and spices, using gentle, folding movements and not beating at all (this is to keep all that precious air in). Now fold in the fruit, peel, chopped nuts and treacle and finally the grated lemon and orange zests. Next, using a large kitchen spoon, transfer the cake mixture into the prepared tin, spread it out evenly with the back of a spoon and, if you don't intend to ice the cake, lightly drop the whole blanched almonds in circles or squares all over the surface. Finally cover the top of the cake with a double square of silicone paper with a 50p-size hole in the centre (this gives extra protection during the long slow cooking).

Bake the cake on the lowest shelf of the oven for 4½-4¾ hours. Sometimes it can take up to ½-¾ hour longer than this, but in any case don't look till at least 4 hours have passed. Cool the cake for 30 minutes in the tin, then remove it to a wire rack to finish cooling. When it's cold 'feed' it – make small holes in the top and base of the cake with a cocktail stick or small skewer, then spoon over a few teaspoons of brandy, wrap it in double silicone paper secured with an elastic band and either wrap again in foil or store in an airtight container. You can now feed it at odd intervals until you need to ice or eat it.

A little help with the conversion ^^ :
You will also need an 8 inch (20 cm) round cake tin or a 7 inch (18 cm) square tin, greased and lined with silicone paper (baking parchment). Tie a band of brown paper round the outside of the tin for extra protection.
(credits --- Deliaonline)
Have fun baking!!!!

Here's another OST, this OST is from the drama A Gentleman's Dignity (this is a different OST from last week). It was nominated for the Best OST award at the MAMA. I also like this OST.

Apart from the blog undergoing cosmetic surgery, I posted pictures, list of winners and performances at the MAMA. Here are the posts; MAMA 2012 part 1 and MAMA 2012 part 2.

During the week... I should post reviews, recipes and I will also upload pictures and gifs from the MAMA 2012.

Weekly dose of eye candy:
I finished watching Hana Kimi Japanese remake and I found this gem.... I've actually seen him in Switch Girl but nonetheless.... I present to you Kiriyama Renn.

Once again..... I wish ya'll a FABULOUS WEEK and MONTH!!!!!

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