Friday, 14 September 2012

T - Day 2

After the star gazing, doze-walking episode the day before, I needed all the sleep I could get. Nevertheless, the other flatmates and I had already planned on going on sailing today.... and that means, I can't really sleep as much as I intended. 


 As we were setting off to the ship port in Krems, I got introduced to a new flatmate, who also moved in the day before. We got to the ship port quite early, we bought our tickets, which was 18 euros to and fro. We boarded the ship at 1pm, the ship was to sail from Krems, then to Dürnstein and we are supposed to get off in Spitz. The weather also cooperated, it was neither cold, nor was it too sunny.

While we were sailing, we chatted and took some pictures...... Well, I didn't TAKE any picture (I didn't have my camera along and.....) We got off at Spitz, while the ship sailed to Melk. The journey lasted for an hour and 15 mins, the first thing we looked around for were restaurants. We were hungry, but it's a Sunday, so, most of the cheap restaurants were closed. There was an Italian restaurant, but the kitchen won't be open until 5pm and the last ship will set sail at 5:20pm. So, that was practically a no-no. We went back and forth for about 10-15mins before we could get a decent restaurant, by then everyone could eat a mountain. We ordered, I ate Pommes Frites, for the first 10 mins, everyone was busy chewing and swallowing their food (we were that hungry).

After all that, we took a stroll, to see the popular Church, and just have the feel of the whole environment. As we were returning to the ship port, we got confused about what ship we're suppose to board and with that we had to run from the end of a ship harbour to another, while this was happening, I was like, there's a high probability of we swimming back to Krems today and the others we're like, oooooo you've got to be kidding right??? Eventually we got the necessary info about the last ship. We got on board and there wasn't much event.

We got back home around 7pm, well it was a fun-filled and partly stressful day.

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