Sunday, 10 November 2013

Happy Sunday #50

I haven't started this drama yet, but there's so much hype over it lol!!! I personally like this gif LOL!!!

Image For The Week
I was talking about this place with some friends. I will definitely go there some day *very determined* 

Saying For The Week
Something else from Heirs. I find this quote really funny. Seriously??!! I had no idea that those with money just EAT and PLAY hehehe!!!

I've finally watched all the episodes of Running Man I skipped. I'm so happy with myself hehehe!!! I'm currently watching another variety show, Mamma Mia on ep 12 and it's interesting. Which reminds, I have some catching up to do - We Got Married, I haven't watched 16 eps lol!!!

Vanness Wu has gotten himself MARRIED with his Singaporean girlfriend exactly 2 days ago in LA. That caught me by surprise, a friend of mine shared it on FB today. Wish them both happiness!!!

Song For The Week
Taeyang is BACK with Ringa Linga!!! He shows another side of himself - rapping. I like it!!!  ENJOY!!!

Eye - Candy For The Week
My head is quite blank for this week's eye-candy. So I'm contemplating JaeJoong or the cast of Heirs........ But I have some stuffs on Heirs already for this week...... so

Kim Jae Joong it is!!!!

Have a lovely Week!!!
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