Friday, 5 July 2013

T - Gifts

Hello there!!! Before I resume my duties of writing more posts. I want to post these pictures!!!

I FINALLY got my package from Arirang Radio from the following programmes; Sound K and Wonders of Jeju. My Asian foreign exchange friends also gave me some parting gifts *sad*, I had so much fun with them!!!

From my foreign exchange friends <3

The bag is from my Thai bestie!!! While the others - Usagi socks :p, cell phone chain and the two table pads are from the Korean exchange students. The cell phone chain is supposedly meant for protection, the socks are so cute and the table mat are Korean ^_^!!!

 From Arirang
Wonders of Jeju
 These are chocolates from Jeju Island. It's the White Orange Chocolate called JE Kiss. Everyone need to taste the sweetness of these chocolates.

I also have my own MONGNI book!!!! I haven't written anything in it yet. Magic Korean is a Korean Book for beginners. I scanned the QR code today and could access the free MP3 Download. I will update you with my progress ^_^

Sound K
These are CDs of F.I.X and BTOB!!!! You don't need to ask me if I've played them...... I hope they don't crack anytime soon lol!!! BTOB's CD also have a photo album <3
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