Friday, 10 May 2013

T - Secrets

I put up a post not too long a go ''Inspirational Vid #1'' (Do you look it up, if you haven't). 

It's a project or an idea by Frank Warren. I had no idea who he was until a friend of mine shared one of his videos. From what I gathered, the whole thing is about helping people, by letting them know they can share their secrets with someone somewhere, but anonymously. Frank Warren has been collecting a lot of secrets and I find it really amazing. 

What's funny is, some of these secrets are deep, funny, touching, sad, even silly but the whole idea is really awesome!!!

Okay, enough with the talking - Here are some links about the whole stuff and more
Old Post Secrets
Post Secret 
I Found Your Camera ----> I think most people know about this already, but yeah..... Moi is still sharing it.

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