Sunday, 5 May 2013

Happy Sunday #30

Don't bother asking me what he's doing here or how he even got here...... He has an angelic smile *squeals* LOL!!!! Okay, I'm feeling better now. HELLO to everyone and anyone xDD. I have been getting to know a lot of people these past weeks.......

Image For The Week
LOL!!! This really did crack me up!!! On a serious note, I don't think the female species are that difficult to understand :p

Saying For The Week

I finally got around to watch another James Bond movie. I know I shouldn't juggle two Western TV-shows, but here I am juggling Keeping up Appearances and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, well in the case of Buffy, I'm partly re-watching it so.... It's really good to watch Buffy again. Plus, I just realised, how much this vampire's stories and tales have EVOLVED.  I should probably put up a post about that lol!!! I also changed the layout of the blog, I think blogger has something against me; whenever I want to change the background, something funny happens and what shouldn't take more than 10 mins takes up to an hour..... AN HOUR!!! Seriously??!! Anyway the blog is looking good now, I hope :))

Eye-candy For The Week
I hear he's doing well these days on the set of his new drama Gu Family Book :))

Song For The Week
I don't think anybody would mind going old school, plus this song has a bit of history in it ;) Rasputiin by Boney M
Have a LOVELY week!!! 

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