Sunday, 17 February 2013

Happy Sunday #19

Geez!!!! I really need to be careful, I totally forgot I was supposed to post this.... I was busy trying to marathon season 3 of Gokusen (an 11 episode J-drama). *breathes a sigh of relief* It's a good thing I didn't really forget. That would have been really really BAD!!!!

How was Valentine's day??? Mine went just fine. I basically spent the whole day with my family - went out, shopping and ate out. 

Image for the week
For the lovers of the grumpy cat and for those that are not familiar with the grumpy cat, I welcome you into the world of the grumpy cat.

Saying for the week

What have I been up to? Ehmmm..... nothing much in particular. I've only been trying to make some progress on my Drama Challenge and that has also resulted to me falling behind on my Book Challenge. I'm done with 3 dramas...... I'm watching the third season of Gokusen at the moment and there are still 3 specials and a movie of Gokusen to watch. Between, Gokusen it a really good drama!!!! I will review it as soon as I'm done with all its series.

Eye Candy for the week

MIURA HARUMA!!!! That's his character in Gokusen 3. I like the way he (his stylist or whosoever it is) combined the white shirt, red buttoned down long sleeve and the black jacket or coat.

Have a great week!!! Come to think of it, the month of February will soon come to an end..... Time definitely waits for no one -_-

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