Sunday, 19 May 2013

Happy Sunday #32

Dr Who is in the house!!!! YAY!!!! lol!!!

How's the weekend and the week?? My weekend was me pouring through handouts like this ---->
But, anyway, I'm still ALIVE!!!

Image For The Week

Saying For The week

My Beloved Fake Husband feat. Chompoo Araya and Dome has ENGLISH subs!!!! I was so freaking excited when I found out 2 days ago. I also started watching it. Ep 1 was so funny and I'm loving Chompoo in this Lakorn. I'm working through S2 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and S3 of Keeping Up Appearances.  
TEN 2 is so GOOOOOD!!!! I'm on ep 5, I have to wait fro some days for ep 6. There's this TW-drama I'm watching also Ring Ring Bell. I think that's all.

Song For The Week
I present to you the OST for TEN season 2. This song is as beautiful as the OST for season 1. I love love love it!!! ENJOY!!!

Eye-candy For The Week
Isn't she pretty?? This is Jo An, she's playing the role of Nam Ye Ri in TEN 2...... I know everything seems to be all about TEN 2, but the drama is just freaking GOOD!!! She's also a good actress.
At the premiere of TEN 2
Have an AWESOME week people!!!

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