Sunday, 23 September 2012

Happy Sunday #2

The days are flying over here, and it's also getting colder..... I guess I safely say it's autumn here. My week passed without much events, apart from having classes and getting to know the lecturers I'm gonna spend the next 3 years of my life seeing.

I listened to this song this morning and I'd love to share it.

Hope you enjoyed it?

For all those that might piss you off this week, you can say this silent prayer for them XDD

I was able to continue with my variety shows - RM (Running Man), I still have some eps left, before I can catch up with the latest eps, but nevertheless....... 

 I'm a fan of Avril Lavigne, so if you're one or you haven't heard of her at all, enjoy this then.

Wishing you guise a wonderful week!!!! Take this with you into this new week.....

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