Sunday, 10 February 2013

Happy Sunday #18

Mr Bean is saying hello xDD
How long has it been since my last Happy Sunday?? I just tried back-tracking now, but I can't remember. I will have to check the date for Happy Sunday #17......... That's not really necessary lol!!! What's important is I'm Back!!! ^_^ .

Image for the week

Saying for the week

You can check the ratings for the recent movies I've watched - Innocent steps, Rurounin Kenshin and JeonWooChi on A - Z Movie. My drama/movie and book goals can be found on the foot layout. I've changed the format for the galleries, and the first update will be Show Luo..... Stay tuned. St Valentine's day is fast approaching and I don't have anything planned :/

Eye candy for the week

That's Ken Theeradej Wongpuapan!!!! I'm watching Soot Sanae Ha atm and he's soooooooooo cute and a wonderful actor.

Wishing YOU an awesome week!!!!

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