Wednesday, 19 September 2012

IMW - Rich Man, Poor Woman Episode Zero

I know I've not been doing my blogging ''business'' well enough..... I just watched this now... I want to do a quick review on it. (^_-)

I tried looking for it's trailer, but I couldn't find any. Well, we might have to skip on this......

The story in the Rich Man, Poor Woman special takes place before the creation of Next Innovation, The special basically revolves around the creation of the firm and how Hyuga and Asahina managed to pull through to create it. (credit -- MyDramaList)

Oguri Shun -- Toru Hyuga
Sano Shiro -- Yamagami Yoshiyuki
Arata -- Asahina Kosuke
Ayano Go -- Akihiro Tohno

I think that's that about the cast.

Without further stories, let me get the review rolling.....

Personally, I wasn't interested in watching this, since, most of what was going to be shown as already been shown as flashbacks in the drama itself. Nevertheless, it's worth watching.

In Rich Man, Poor Woman Episode Zero we see how the Toru got involved with Asahina, how the name was Next Innovation was formed, how Tohno got involved with Next Innovation and also what led to his leaving Next Innovation. We also see when Mr Yamagami joined Next Innovation. Generally, it's just about how Next Innovation grew and got into the stock market.

The cast is the same as the original cast from the drama, there is no unknown cast :). 

The acting also didn't fall short, plus, this is just 11 minutes and some few seconds long. It will also give you an idea of what the drama is all about.

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