Sunday, 20 October 2013

Happy Sunday #47

They never fail to crack me up hehehe!!!

Image For The Week

Saying For The Week
“Some corners are dangerously thrilling; some corners are filled with surprises. Whether it is surprises or dangerous thrills, if you don’t walk over there you definitely won’t know what you’ll meet at the next corner. Corners are filled with stories, regardless of whether it’s on a person’s path in life or on a crowded street. It might be yours, it might be mine. Therefore, I like corners.”
Qin Lang (Corner with Love)

............ Nothing worth talking about -_- 

Song For The Week
I'm still coming to terms to that fact that KAT-TUN is now down to four members....... Here's a song of KAT-TUN when they were 5. ENJOY!!! This was also used as the OST for Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge.

Eye-Candy For The Week
Still on the topic of KAT-TUN

Have a lovely week!!!
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