Sunday, 13 October 2013

Happy Sunday #46

SWAG!!!! LOL!!! I'm still watching eps of RM I skipped in other to be on par with the latest eps of RM. This is from ep 59 [Hip hop special]. The end was really beautiful and cute!!!

Image For The Week
What I feel like eating today.......

Saying For The Week
''The chances of meeting each other can be close to impossible, but it wouldn’t hurt to walk the streets a few more times'' - Corner With Love

Still working on watching the episodes of Running Man I skipped.... I have 15 eps left. Hopefully in a 2 weeks time I will be done AJA AJA!!! 

Song For The Week
This is a song from the new album of Drunken Tiger - The Cure, featuring Yoon Mi Rae and Bizzy under the new label FeelGhood Music. It's a really good song!!! ENJOY!!!
You can also look up the Lyrics

Eye-candy For The Week
The eye-candy for this week is the Hip-Hop couple - The King and Queen of K-hip hop, Tiger JK and T [Tasha] Yoon Mi Rae!!!!!

Have an awesome week!!!!
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