Sunday, 29 September 2013

Happy Sunday #44

I was catching up on earlier eps of RM I missed...... IU and Shin Bong Sun were the guests on ep 43, it was really funny. They had to do some sports, find the guest and go food hunting :D 

Image For The Week

Saying For The Week
I recently watched Corner With Love, and each ep has really good quotes and drawings. I can't remember what ep this particular one is from lol!!!

I'm back to learning Korean and Japanese YAY!!!! XD and of course I still watch some dramas. I finished watching Bloody Monday season 2 and Corner With Love two days ago. I rated BM 2 8/10 and Corner With Love 7/10. They are both good and interesting. My next line of action is to watch a K-drama while I finishing up some Lakorns that I've placed on hold for a long time.

Song For The Week
LOL!!! I have no idea when this song was released, but I know it was this year, I just don't know when. I find the song really funny hahaha!!! It reminds of some Korean songs - Ring Ring of SHINee and Wolf of EXO. ENJOY!!!

Eye-candy For The Week
Finally actress Lee Bo Young and actor Ji Sung tied the knot 2 days ago after almost 5 years of dating..... OMG!!!! They look so lovely, cute and great together. I wish them lot of happiness and the best!!!!
Get ready for the SPAZZING!!!! 
Don't they look perfect together?? ^_^ 
Have an awesome week people!!!!
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