Sunday, 1 September 2013

Happy Sunday #40

He is such a cutie!!! *smiles*

Image For The Week
Quite sad :(

Saying For The Week

From left to right - Luffy [One Piece], Naruto [Naruto], Ichigo [Bleach], Fairy Tale..... ehm I don't know the last one lol!!!

I'm back to dramaland - Love Rain [K-drama] and Nodame Cantible [J-drama]. I also finished Kimi wa Petto, I rated it a 7. Both Love Rain and Nodame Cantible are good shows.

Song For The Week
This is one other song that is been played on EVERY station. It has this old school feel to it, which makes me like the song. ENJOY!!!

Eye-candy For The Week
Song Joong Ki won't be back till May 26th 2015 ...... :( That's a long wait, but I hop he comes back strong and full with confidence ^^

Have a lovely week!!! ^_^
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