Sunday, 14 April 2013

Happy Sunday #27

Oh look who we have here, it's C.N Blue!!!! *annyeonghaseyo*

Image For The Week

Saying For The Week
Nigerian proverb: A bird does not change its feathers because the weather is bad.

 TEN Special Affairs Team Season 2 will premiere today, that's if it hasn't already!!! I hope all the available English subbers are on standby, I know it's selfish of me, but still. I need it subbed as soon as the first ep airs.
There's progress with my challenges, especially with the book challenge; thanks to MANGAS!!! It's a good thing Goodreads counts mangas as books also, if not I did be screwed. Drama and genre challenges are picking up bit by bit. I need to update the A-Z list again, I should do that sometime this week. I think that's all *scratches head* Yup, that's all.

Song For The Week
I haven't been paying so much attention to the songs I listen to lately, my player just keeps running. I think we should go old school. This is from Cher!!!

Eye Candy For The Week
I freaking LOVE LOVE her!!!!!! - Do I need to still say her name?? It's SONG JI HYO!!!!

Have a great week!!!
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