Wednesday, 6 February 2013

T - I'm BACK!!!!

 Yay!!!! ~I'm back!!!!~ * does happy dance and twirls*

I feel kind of bad...... I'm such a bad, bad, blogger....... Enough with the drama *snaps out*.  I've actually been very very very busy. Busy doing what?? STUdents Dying (---> studying) that's what I’ve been doing
....... But you see I'm very happy, because my studying wasn't in vain. In other words, I passed my exams ^_^ (I'm yet to receive 2 results though, but....)

So, what was I doing between preparing and STUdents Dying????...... I watched variety shows (Running Man, We Got Married, The Romantic and Idol). I learnt a lot about gifs, which I’m already putting into action. What else?? I was also able to read through the latest entertainment news, I found some really, really pissing (WGM scandal situation and that of the former member of AKB47 now turned trainee)………..

I almost skipped this ----> Chinese/Taiwanese pop/songs!!!! A very good friend has successfully got me into this. With a lot of good musicians out there, it's difficult to pick a favourite. Plus, I'm still testing the waters. Oh.... there's also J-pop. I'm also working on that. If I'm not wrong, I think ARASHI recently released a new single.

Arirang radio, yeah, that's one other radio station I've been listening to. It's much easier for me to listen to it while studying, instead of searching for songs on YT or listening to songs I have on my Leeexternal disk. I also won 2 prizes on Arirang (on Sound K and Wonders of Jeju) - a surprise signed CD and a Mongni's notebook.

Okay, I think I've said enough about how I spent the last 35 days. Next on the list are the plans I have...... Anybody excited???!!!!
That's the spirit :p
I will be upgrading the gallery and playlist section of RelSpa....... What do I mean?? There would be galleries for Show Luo, Horikita Maki, Lee Min Ho, Taylor Kinney, Jiro Wang .......  The galleries won't be in that order...... Just stay tuned!!!!! As for the playlist, it would be the songs I heard over the last 35 days; I will like to share them with you ;)

That's all for now....... Bye, bye!!!

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