Sunday, 16 December 2012

Happy Sunday #14

How's Christmas-gifts-wrapping/packaging going? lol!!! I haven't started mine yet.... last minute preparation I guess. Between, I'm having an exam tomorrow -_- ..... Wish me luck guys!!! I've been studying all week. I know I'm quite behind on my reviews.... I will see to every one of them THIS week.

I haven't started listening to Christmas songs, except for the ones I hear on radio or when I'm at a store...... I like this Christmas song, it's ''Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas'', this is Judy Garland's version. I'm clueless as to who sang this song originally ~shrugs~

I've been posting the Christmas cake recipes..... There are only 6 more recipes to go, so in case you missed them, you can click on these links first partsecond part and the third part. What else did I post in last week?? ...... ehm, Christmas in World War 1 - this is a heartwarming story about how the armies of Germany, France and England celebrated Christmas on the battlefield. ~scratches head~ that should be all.

Weekly quotes/images:

My favourite OSTs....... ~pondering~ This OST is from the drama ''Special Affairs Team TEN''. Between, the drama is really awesome!!!  

Weekly dose of eye candies:
I haven't been able to watch dramas as much as I would like during these past days, but I keep up with the variety shows. Go Soo... he's a Korean actor, who was a guest on the 123rd (or 124th ep) of Running Man. Too bad he's taken :p

Lastly, my prayers goes out to those families, parents and friends (in China and Connecticut) that are related to the kids that were gunned down and stabbed by some lunatics and mentally derailed men.

Wishing you guys a FANTASTIC week!!! Do wish me luck in my exam!!!

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