Sunday, 4 November 2012

IMW - Bangkok Traffic Love Story

LOL, another romance movie coming through!!!! This ends the movie-watching spree I had while preparing for the exam I just had. This wasn't the last movie actually, I think the last one I watched was Flying With You. Bangkok Traffic Love was second to the last.

Trailer time ---> 

Details ---
Thai: รถไฟฟ้า..มาหานะเธอ (Rot Fai Faa..Maa Haa Na Ter)
Director: Adisorn Trisirikasem
Release Date: October 15, 2009
Language: Thai
Country: Thailand

Set along the hustle and bustle of central Bangkok, 30 year old Mei Li approaches the doorsteps of spinsterhood with dread. One day, Mei Li coincidently meets Bangkok Transit System employee Lung, who makes her heart flutter instantly. She wonders to herself why such a cool guy would toil away in a odd night time job, but she also believes he is the ideal man for her. Mei Li then decides to take the initiative for the first time in her life and go after her dream guy. Unfortunately for Mei Lei, she has zero experience in wooing a man and her neighbour Pluen soon takes interest in the same guy!

Cast ---
Sirin Horwang - Mei Li
Theeradej Wongpuapan - Lung
Ungsumalynn Sirapatsakmetha - Pluen
Panissara Phimpru -
(credits - AsianWiki)

Bangkok Traffic Love is a Thai movie, I saw BTL when I was watching Hello Stranger, but I wasn't interested in it, that was before I saw Ken hehehehe. I know that sounds mean of me. Immediately I knew Ken was in BTL and not as a supporting cast but a main cast. I added it to my list of movies to watch.
BTL is about two people that meet each other, while one of them was in a drunken and devastated state. 

The girl here fell in love with Lung. Ken's character (Lung) is an engineer at a railway station (I think the railway station is one of the popular and busiest railway station). He also works at night, not during the day. The lead female is 30 something years old without a stable boyfriend, actually she has none. To make matters worse, her best friend just got married and it was such a big blow to her. Least I forgets, she works during the day.

When she's off from work in the evening that's when Lung is off to work. To see each other, they meet by this train station and all. A lot of stuffs happened in between, some actually involved Aff Taksoarn LOL!!! She featured as a cameo. 

BTL is a AWESOME romance story!!!! It actually makes one re-think one's stand about long distance relationships; there's the issue with trust and waiting, compromises and decisions one has to make and also moving on with one's life if you've tried your best. I really LOVE how it ended also.

Give it up for youtube for blessing us with such a movie ~claps~ LOL!!!! This is a movie everyone should watch, NO EXCEPTIONS at all!!!

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