Thursday, 13 September 2012

RS - Fave Animes

I have only written one review on an anime so far, but nevertheless, I try to watch animes when I have time.... I got into animes, through a friend of mine. She was so so so into Bleach, she had every latest eps and season on her laptop. 

What really caught my attention was Kaze No Stigma. She started watching KNS and I joined her, but unfortunately we couldn't finish it together, at the same time, I also didn't know the title of what I was watching. But through the ''help'' of Yahoo answers I got the title. Darn!!!! I really enjoyed it and ever since then I've watched and read the synopses of a lot animes.

The following are some of my fave animes----

I really love Trigun, it's a mixture of western, mystery, adventure, sci-fiction and space. The music was Jazz and Blues like. I love the main character - Vash the Stampede, at times, I wonder if he's bi-polar, one minute he's all over-hype and eating donuts and one moment he's the most dangerous person on the surface of the planet. VTS is really badass!!!!

DARN!!!! This is one of best action, comedy, western, space, adventure anime I've ever watched. Spike - the main character is seemly awesome!!! It has the same theme as Trigun. I actually knew about Trigun after I watched Cowboy Bebop. I might be exaggerating, but if you are an anime lover and you've haven't watch CB, you've committed a huge crime :p

This would be good for those who like dramas (drama lovers would surely like this one), romance and shoujo. I literally fell in love with the characters, the characters were also well drawn. The plot, romance and setting didn't fall short at all. Oh, there's also a little of politics-related matters. 

Being the first anime I started and completed hehehe. I really hold it in high esteem, it was actually able to suck me into the world of anime. If you are looking for something very good, with romance, shounen, fantasy, magic and supernatural, this is for you. The story line is nothing new, but it will keep you locked in. The action scenes were well drawn also.

Special A deals mainly with friendship and romance. If you're interested in a good shoujo, school and romance, just give this a shot. It's really interesting The only thing I wasn't satisfied with was the drawing, the drawing is okay, but I felt something was missing. But it's quite refreshing.

This anime is really popular, that's why I made it the last on this list XD. I seriously can say exactly why I love this anime, but I just love it. It's really funny, relaxing and enjoyable.... Yeah, it's a little cliche-ish, but I love it all the same. I don't re-watch animes, but I have re-watched KWMS and KNS.

For a complete list of the animes I'm watched, plan to watch and ..... check moi up HERE!!!

What are your favourite animes?? Are some of mine also on your list??

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