Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Going around the clock, putting things in order, trying to make sure there is little or no cause for alarm, argument or unnecessary use of words 

Having finished with that, I braced myself for what is ahead and still hoping praying that whatever form of peace have managed to put together will last long enough.

Inside the train; staring into space (nothing in particular). I picked up a book to do a little reading. I was later instructed by the author to do an assessment test before proceeding further. So, I dropped the book and placed back into my bag. With nothing more to read to pass the time I star into empty space again. Through all these I placed my ear piece over my ears trying to get my mind over some things by listening to a music (as they say music relaxes the soul, mind and body). 

In the process of relaxing my soul, mind and body; I begin to feel sleepy but it's too risky since I'm only gonna be in the train for an hour.

Brought out a book set aside fro planning the day and thoughts and other things that come to mind. I decided to plan the remaining hours ahead of me. Having done that, with still an hour or so to alight from the train, I got into into this present position.......

    Back to me writing.

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