Friday, 26 November 2010

T - Change From the Inside.

I think we should just come back to our level as youths. Some people are talking about government, country...... how we can become good leaders and all.
I think we should just face the basic things first like money, growing up...........

    You can not be a leader if u can not control ur younger ones - You want to be a leader and u can't tell us little sis to sit there or ´go and do ur assignment´ i don't see how possible that is......
       To also become a leader you need to be able discipline urself - u can't have everything can u? i really don't think so. Thats where the problem is, u think u can have everything as soon as the bucks starts rolling in but its not possible; this mentality of wanting to have everything just makes u wanna embezzle when u are given a leadership post, no leadership post is too much let me say any high position. Mind u it's not only money that people embezzle, we have power to - u think with power i am Superman.
      And here comes controlling urself- As youths we know ourselves we are so prone to losing control- it's very easy. But u have to tell urself ´Man u can't afford to lose control u need to be in control`. We know our weaknesses-fashion. girls, money, sex, boys, bad swags, wheels. Meen u so cannot afford to lose control when in a position.

    Basically, what am saying is that, for a minute just forget about the government, being a leader, country and concentrate on urself. Ask urself  `In what way I'm I lacking is it patience,reliablity, responsiblity, lack of self-control, lack of discipline, maturity- mind u maturity doesn't mean age it means how much u've developed urself in every ramification of life; dats why people say an 18 yr old can be way smarter than a 28 yr old,......? When u've gotten it then work on it, improve on urself be a better person. When the time comes for u to be in a position or to be a leader u can bet u won't have much problems. And one major ingredient I believe in is God with God all things are possible. 
   Lets all get to work. 

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